Sports Sponsorships: Considerations and Configurations Thesis

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, 2004). The public relations team is unlikely to accept a pre-packaged promotional arrangement that does not allow them to optimize both the corporate spend and the media opportunity. It is incumbent on the professionals in the sports management industry to understand what the corporate entities understand, with regard to promotional opportunities, and it is also important for these professionals to keep an eye on what is ultimately best for the players and teams (Stier & Schneider, 2001).


The success of a sports marketer depends largely on their ability to gain a thorough understanding of the sponsor's objectives prior to developing a sponsorship proposal. This can be accomplished through meetings with the gatekeepers who grant or deny access to large corporations, through the company's decision-makers, and through secondary intelligence efforts. Whether a tailored or a pre-packaged sponsorship agreement is proposed, a sports marketer must understand the company, its markets, and its mission to ensure that the sponsorship meets the corporate or organizational needs. Finally, it is important to ensure that the sponsorship relationship is a continual one by providing good client service and regular follow-up to ensure that the sponsor is enjoying the relationship and its associated benefits.


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Thesis on Sports Sponsorships: Considerations and Configurations Assignment

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Stier, W.F., Jr., and Schneider, R. (2001). Fundraising: An essential… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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