Sports Tourism Assessment

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Sports Tourism: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Having a sport mega event in Belfast, Northern Ireland is something that would have to be carefully considered. It may or may not work, depending on the type of the event and other factors. The best way to determine whether an event of this type would work in Belfast would be through two avenues: a SWOT analysis on the area as it pertains to a sporting event and a study of volunteerism in the area in order to determine whether it will be difficult to find enough volunteers to contribute to the event. These volunteers do not necessarily have to be fans of the sporting event, but it would be more likely that they would help out if they had interest in the particular event in question. Overall, therefore, an analysis of the available help and the opportunities and threats that would be seen in Belfast would be a good way to determine whether a sport mega event would be a good use of money and time, or whether it may cause the company to lose out.

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In order to conduct the SWOT analysis, the researcher must examine the Belfast area as it relates to sports and tourism. If this is not done correctly, the information as to whether the area would do well with that type of event could be highly skewed either in favor of such an event or against it. The volunteerism study will be similar, in that some people who would volunteer for something in particular may not be likely to volunteer for a sporting event if sports (or that particular kind of event) does not interest them. Keeping that in mind when studying and planning for volunteers is very important, because the number of available volunteers may be strongly affected depending on the reason for which they are asked to volunteer (Adorno, 2000; Xu & Ngai, 2011). If that is the case, the researcher must reduce the pool of volunteers to only those who are interested in sporting events to have an accurate picture.

TOPIC: Assessment on Sports Tourism Assignment

SWOT Analysis - Belfast

Is Belfast a suitable host destination for a mega sporting event? Sporting enthusiasts from all over the world come to these kinds of mega events, so it is very important to determine if the area to which they would come would be suitable for them and for the event that would be taking place (Gammon & Robinson, 2003; Gibson, 1998; Hall, 1992). To that end, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) will be undertaken here, on the basis of whether Belfast is the right type of host destination for a mega event in the sporting world. The goal is not to study the issues that Belfast faces, but only to study those that may affect the sporting world and the event. If anything in the SWOT analysis will have a serious, significant, or lasting impact on those who may come to the sporting event, this should be addressed. In addition, anything in the analysis that might have an impact on the players or on the event itself should also be addressed, because all of those areas come together in the creation of a mega sports event.

Any country and city will have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to a mega sports event. That is especially true if a country has not held such an event before, because that country may lack planning for that type of event. Sports fans can be particular about what they get for their money, and that is something worth considering when one is attempting to figure out whether a particular area and venue will work or whether it would be better to leave well enough alone and allow the event to be held somewhere else (Gammon & Robinson, 2003). Too often, event promoters get too focused on how much people might pay for tickets to a mega sports event, and they fail to realize that is only part of the issue. It is not all about profit, of course, and there are many expenses for which promoters of these kinds of events may not be prepared. Because it is so easy to underestimate the cost of a sporting event, having a strong analysis can help to avoid some of the disasters that could otherwise manifest themselves.


Belfast has many strengths when it comes to hosting a mega sports event. These strengths include:

Belfast is a large city with a growing population, which means it should have enough people to sustain a big sporting event.

The area is rich in culture and natural beauty, which will help to draw people to it for an event.

Most people speak the language used in Belfast, so language barriers would not be much of a problem.

There are many places to eat and stay while in Belfast, so as to accommodate many out-of-town guests.

The town's attractions, shopping, medical facilities, and other areas are large enough for the temporary influx of visitors.

Belfast is used to groups of tourists who come to see the area, and having more of them could only help business.

There are many people in Belfast who enjoy sports, and who enjoy getting together with others for sports.

The desire to watch sports or be involved with it in some way has been increasing in Belfast in recent years.

The people are friendly, even when it comes to dealing with outsiders in town for any reason.

Prices in Belfast are not unrealistic, so people could enjoy their sporting event time there affordably.


Just as there are strengths in Belfast, there are also weaknesses that cannot be ignored when addressing the hosting of a sporting event. Some of the main weaknesses of the Belfast area are:

While there are many accommodations and eateries, a huge influx of tourists could put a strain on these businesses.

Some people may have to stay in neighboring areas and would have to travel farther to the event.

Belfast has never held a mega sporting event before, which could mean the area is unprepared.

Ireland is a long way for many people to travel for any kind of sporting event, no matter how large.

The weather can be rainy and unpredictable, and this is worth considering with any kind of outdoor venue.

Time of year will really matter with an outdoor sporting event, and the temperature and other factors must be considered.

Many people in Belfast may not have enthusiasm for the particular sport being considered for the event.

Not all Northern Irelanders will welcome tourists from all over the place who "invade" their city for a time.

There is the potential for price gouging and other problems among hotel owners and shopkeepers.

Sporting events are massive undertakings, no matter where they are located.


Like all cities, Belfast is full of opportunities. Some of the best opportunities for a sporting event include:

Holding a mega sports event could get more people interested in learning about Belfast in the future.

Learning about Belfast could boost tourism numbers any time of the year, not just for the event.

Belfast could show the world what it is capable of and what it could offer to people who chose to visit there.

Having a successful mega sports event could open the door for more sports events in the future.

Shopkeepers and others in Belfast would have the opportunity to make money from the influx of people.

Those who love sports would appreciate seeing a big event in their country and in their town.

Getting more people to come to town could lead to relocation of individuals or companies and more economic development.

It may be possible to attract more sporting teams that want to make their home in Belfast or elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

Promoters who do well at this kind of event will likely get booked for other big events which may not all relate to sports.

There is much money to be made when it comes to all that could be sold during and related to the event.


There are threats to the success of a mega sports event in Belfast, and they include but are not limited to:

A lack of people who may be interested in sports in general or interested in a particular sport.

Not having enough money to come to the sporting event and enjoy themselves, even if they wanted to.

The promoter or others involved in the event not understanding all that they need to do to make the event successful.

Belfast may not be the right place for such a large sporting event, based on the city's view of sports.

Some people may not want to travel that far to attend a sporting event, or may not be able to pay for the trip.

Crime can always be a problem when there is a large collection of people in one place, such as a sporting event.

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