Spread of Marine Larvae Predicted by Ocean Term Paper

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¶ … Spread of Marine Larvae Predicted by Ocean Temperature

Marine life in the world's oceans is increasingly encountering conditions that are rendering many species near extinction. It has never been so important for scientists to understand the reproduction process among marine life. New discoveries are breaking and are being reported that will surely assist scientists in their study of the reproduction processes of life in the world's seas and oceans.

The Science Daily article entitled "Ocean Temperature Predicts Spread of Marine Species" states that scientists have the ability to predict, "How the distance marine larvae travel varies with ocean temperature - a key component in conservation and management of fish, shellfish and other marine species - according to a new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." (2006) The data which scientists gathered came from 72 marine species and included: (1) Cod; (2) Herring; (3) American Lobster; (4) Horseshoe crabs; and (5) Clams. It is held in this article that the scientists discovered that most of marine life, to include the species that are important commercially reproduce "via larvae that drift far along ocean currents before returning to join adult populations." (Science Daily, 2006)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Spread of Marine Larvae Predicted by Ocean Assignment

The process of which study has been conducted and reported in this article is one that is referred to as "dispersal." Dispersal held by scientists to be linked directly to the temperature of the waters of the world's oceans. Stated in this article is that scientists discovered that the larvae in warmer waters travel less distance than larvae in cold water. The article states that temperature has the capacity to "alter the number and diversity of adult species in a certain area by changing where larvae end up." (Science Daily, 2006) The interesting thing to note is that less than 1% of the larvae actually survive the dispersal process as most are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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