Essay: Spring Breakers and Rape

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Part 2:

In his article "There is No Culture of Rape," author Graham Templeton states that he does not believe that we are living in a culture of rape and in fact says that the notion offends him personally. He wrote the article in response to a 2011 movement called SlutWalk which in turn was inspired by a police officer who claimed that if women did not dress like "sluts" then they would not be victimized by rapists. Specifically, Templeton denies the tendency in society to blame the victims for rape. Templeton takes on a persona within the article, of both a critic and in a way a supporter of women. He argues that by stating this is a rape culture that it means women everywhere are anticipating being victimized and that all men are potential rapists, something he staunchly denies. The attitude he takes is one of anger and he comments that "men really are predisposed to be sexually predatory…just as it is true that women are predisposed to be sexually manipulative" (Templeton). None of these arguments are compelling. However, at the end of the article he states that "real" rape cultures include Saudi Arabia, Liberia, and Congo because in those countries rapes are the norm and victims often punished even to the extent that they are killed for having been sullied by rape, which may be the only point of merit in the entirety of the piece.

"Rape Culture is Real" was written as a direct response to the Templeton article. Whereas Templeton uses analogies and comparisons in order to prove his perspective on the issue, author Jean Ketterling backs up her assertions with statistics. She points out that according to Statistics Canada 25%-33% of women in Canada will be raped. He argued that it is not called a murder culture because murders happen, but that likelihood is only one in 220,000. Because it is a response article, Ketterling does not really make her own assertions but rather uses her words to showcase exactly how false Templeton's claims are. She takes particular offense to his claim that men are naturally predatory in their sexual desires while women are manipulative. These are stereotypes based on archaic versions of male and female that should not have any place in modern, logical discussions of the interpersonal relationships between members of the sexes.

Templeton uses his emotions in order to show how he perceives rape culture is a part of our society. He uses expansive claims which encompass all males and all females. Yet at the same time he is making a point that not all men are rapists. In his article he wants to explain away stereotyping but himself uses egregious stereotypes particularly in regard to women who he claims are manipulative in their sexualities. He flat out denies that the victims of rape are victimized and blamed by society, but this has been proven in case after case to be categorically untrue. While his arguments all fail in and of themselves, their lack of reason is even more highlighted when they are discussed by Jean Ketterling. Not only does she acknowledge the negative components within the society regarding rape, but she uses logic and factual data to back up her assertions, something with Templeton is unable to do. One of the most poignant points that she makes is in regard to the fact that only 10% of all rapes are reported to the police and that this has a great deal to do with the way society perceives victims of rape. A girl will not go to the police or to another authority figure because they feel they will not be believed, or if they will be believed that they will then be punished by the rest of society. People like Templeton, in denying that a rape culture exists absolutely exacerbates the issue. If there is no rape culture, then there is no problem and women who do not report rape have no reason for their reluctance, meaning they acknowledge some guilt on their part. Denying the culture makes everything worse.

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