Essay: SPSS Statistics: Social Science Research Instructions: Reading

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SPSS Statistics: Social Science Research


Reading: Chapter 11-14 - SPSS Statistics 17.0 - Guide to Data Analysis by Marija J. Norusis

Other attachments to follow.

Use Assignment 7a -- Tutorial

Problem 7 ?" Chapter 12:

Use the select cases facility to select only men with coronary heart disease ( variable chd equals 1). Test the hypothesis that they come from a population in which the average serum cholesterol is 205 mg/dl (variable chol58).

State the null and alternative hypotheses.

Ho: The population mean is not equal to 205.

Ha: The population mean is equal to 205.

What so you conclude about the null hypothesis based on the t test?

The null hypothesis is supported. The sample mean is significantly different from a mean of 205.

What is the difference between your sample mean and the hypothetical population value?


d. How often would you expect to see a sample difference at least this large in absolute value if the null hypothesis is true?

e. Give range of values that you are 95% confident include the population value for the mean cholesterol of men with coronary heart disease. Does the interval include your test value of 205?

257.66 to 278.98. This does not include the test value of 205.

Assignment #7b:

Use Assignment 7b -- Tutorial

Problem 9 ?" Chapter 12:

The leader of the Chicago schools claims that dramatic improvements have occurred between 1993 and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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