St. Patrick's Cathedral: Field Trip Essay

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For a small donation, visitors were allowed to light a candle. Although I took some photographs of the cathedral and its interior, there were some parts of the church like the gift shop where photography was not allowed. One of the areas within the Cathedral that I found most aesthetically inspiring was the baptistery. I also took some photographs of the main entrance's bronze doors. In the bronze doors' facades are figures that represent prominent people in the church's history.

Apart from the spectacular architectural design of the building (both internal and external), quite a number of other aspects of the Cathedral deserve a mention. For instance, from what I gathered, the Cathedral's great organ has more than seven thousand pipes. Further, in addition to having a total of 19 bells, the Cathedral has a spectacular and breathtaking Rose Window - which I have already mentioned in this text (although not clearly visible due to the scaffolding). The said window has a diameter of 26 feet. The other exceptional details of the Cathedral which I observed during my visit include but they are not limited to its stained glass, vaulted ceilings, interior woodwork, and narrow windows.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on St. Patrick's Cathedral: Field Trip Assignment

The Cathedral also has incredibly high arched ceilings that make it look and feel so exquisite and large. This is regardless of the fact that over time, many of the skyscrapers that have been erected in the Cathedral's neighborhood have effectively dwarfed this architectural masterpiece despite the tall spikes that characterize its external appearance. Complete with the tall and impressive stained glass windows, the carved stone walls of the Cathedral are reminiscent of most Gothic-styled churches. To me, St. Patrick's Cathedral is…
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