Company Manual: Staffing Handbook, Not an Employee

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[. . .] Another more effectual arena for job advertising (especially for software-based careers) is the Internet. Locations like Facebook, Craigslist, Google and Twitter are all extremely popular with progressive firms looking to attract young employees (Braddy, Thompson, Wuensch, & Grossnickle, 2003). Moreover, by including a link to Beacon's website, students and professionals are easily able to learn about us from the comfort of their own home, apartment or dorm room. Thus, in assuring that the targeted young inventive minds are not immediately dissuaded by the enormity and complexity of the Beacon Corporation, we believe it is very important to present direct and easily understandable information about the company on the website. In fact, recent studies have indicated that navigational ease on a firm's website (especially concerning job advertisements) has a directly favorable effect on the potential applicant's impression of the firm and the given position (Braddy, Thompson, Wuensch, & Grossnickle, 2003). Consequently, through our extensive diligence in researching this modern corporate aid, we believe that we have created a reliable and effective means of attracting the interest of many bright young minds to carry Beacon Inc. into a profitable future.




Full Name:

Street Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Are you a citizen of The United States?

If not, are you eligible to work in The United States?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?


Position Applied For:

How did you learn about this position?

Monday-Friday Availability (Please include the number of hours per week you are available):

What date are you available to start work?


Please list all schools attended after high school along with the name and field of the degree or diploma received and the year of graduation.

Skills and Qualifications: (please list any licenses, skills, additional training or awards you may have received as related to the position)


Current or last position held:

Company name:





Employment period: (from: XX/XX/XX to: XX/XX/XX)



Reason for Leaving:

Previous Position:

Company name:





Employment period: (from: XX/XX/XX to: XX/XX/XX)



Reason for Leaving:


Please provide the full name, address, employer, title, phone number and email address of any further references you may have.

The application form outlined above will be used to determine if each applicant is adequately qualified for future employment at the Beacon Corporation. This determination will be made strictly based upon the general requirements and specifications set out in job postings and initial job analyses. Applications will be initially divided into those who meet the requirements and those who fall short. This elementary categorization process can be completed by relatively low-level employees and help to save time and increase efficiency in the upper level staff selection process.


Once the initial round of filtration is completed, managers in the relevant departments will engage in further data screening for the applicants who have met the general requirements. Being that the interviewing process demands a great deal of time and expenditure, and considering that a large portion of applicants typically meet generic requirements, this step is essential in effectively utilizing company time in the selection process. Ideally, the Beacon Corporation recommends that no more than five highly qualified applicants should be interviewed. We believe that effective data screening can make this policy into reality. Applicant data screening by upper and middle managers will involve extensive examinations of the applicant's educational background, contacting multiple previous employers and references as well as deciding whether or not the skills/experience listed on the candidate's application match those on the previously created job analysis.


In order to find out if a candidate has sufficient interpersonal and assiduous experience as well as experience in areas like planning, organizing and leading, Beacon's interviewers must be able to ask the right questions. Being able to identify specific characteristics necessary for a given position and the ability to extract a precise experiential history is crucial in selecting the right applicant without expelling unnecessary time and effort (Heathfield, 2011). With the strategic use of the data and tools presented above, Beacon interviewers are expected to be able to identify and appoint the best man or woman for the position. Some examples of regularly used interview questions are as follows (though it is important to note that these questions are relatively generic because much of the interview material is conducted based upon the specifications of the relevant position):

1.) What was one major obstacle you were able to overcome in the last year?

This question addresses problem solving. A good answer to this question will exemplify a candidate's ability to think independently and creatively in order to find a productive resolution.

2.) If you were to begin this job tomorrow, what things you focus on immediately and in what priority?

This question can show an interviewer whether or not an applicant has any knowledge of the company and its mission. A truly desirable and qualified candidate will have done at least some research about the position to ensure that he or she can speak knowledgably and confidently during the interview.

3.) What would you do in the case of a task not being properly completed due to inefficient planning?

A good answer to this question will highlight the interviewee's ability to multi-task and reorganize planning structures in order to ensure a successful conclusion.

4.) Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is obviously a common interview question, but it is effective nonetheless. A qualified applicant's answer should be realistic and beneficial to the goals of the company. A motivated individual will not be satisfied in remaining in the same position for the long-term future.


Being that many positions at the Beacon Corporation require a great deal of technical knowledge, pre-employment skills tests are a critical part of the staffing process. In many cases (especially those requiring technical expertise), a job applicable assessment is the only way for the company to truly ascertain whether or not the applicant is genuinely proficient in the required areas. While the value of communication skills is certainly important, we at Beacon understand that it may be very easy for some individuals to perform during an interview, though the same may not be the case when the clock is ticking on their technical abilities. Therefore, by subjecting every interviewee to a brief technical examination (one that is highly relevant to the position he or she has applied for), Beacon interviewers can assure themselves and their superiors of the best possible staffing selection.


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