Staffing Plan I Work Application Essay

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Staffing Plan

I work for Bluebeam software, Inc. A software developing company based in Los Angels. There is a very important project that is coming up that needs to be executed as effectively as possible. Therefore there is need of coming up with a staffing plan that will ensure a successful execution of this project. The purpose of the staffing plan is to ensure that the project has sufficient staff that has the right skills and experiences that will ensure the project is completed successfully. There are various role requirements for the project to be executed. We will look at the roles, the project responsibility, the particular skills required and the number of staff that are required in each and every one of these roles (SHRM, 2014).

Project manager

The project manager of the project will be charged with the responsibility of leading the team. The project manager is also supposed to report the status of the report to the general manager of the company as the project progresses. The specific skill required for the person to fill the position is project management. Only one person is required to fill the project manager position.

Core team

The responsibility of the core team in the project will be reviewing the deliverables as the project is going on. They are also supposed to ensure that there is quality assurance within the project. The skills required for the staff in this position will be project management. The role requires four people to fill.

Content developer

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The responsibility of a content developer is the creation of a framework content to be used in the project. The required skills for this role are research and web skills. Only one person is needed to fill this position.

Web designer

The key responsibility of a web designer is design web-based performance management tools. The skill requirements for this role are web design, and web writing .only one person is needed for this role.

Web developer

TOPIC: Application Essay on Staffing Plan I Work for Assignment

The responsibility of a web developer is building of web-based performance management tools. The skills required for this position is web management. Only one person is needed in this position.

Review team

The responsibilities of the review team are evaluation of the desirables in the project. They are also responsible for the promotion of the use of this project within the company. The skills required for this role is experience in project management.20 people will be required in this role.


The role of interns will be assisting web designers and web developers in executing the project. They have to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the project by carrying out activities such as simple calculations, keeping records and correspondence documents. The interns for this position should be students in web designing and web writing.20 students will be needed to fill the positions of interns.


They are charged with the responsibilities of copying, document drafting and coordination of all the correspondence documents. They should be therefore being conversant with clerical and basic office work. The skills required for this position are basic computer skills and clerical skills. Four people will be required to fill these positions.

Recruitment strategies

The process of recruitment involves a targeted effort that will attract and hire top talent for any current or future openings that are found within an organization. This allows for a consist pool of applicants who are qualified .there are various tactics that recruiters employ in order to bring the best talent into the company. Recruitment comprises of sourcing, selection and onboarding of employees and is a function of Human Resource There are various internal and external recruitment strategies that can be used to ensure that the most qualified applicants are picked for the specific positions that are available within the organization. Bluebeam software, Inc.; is a well-known software development… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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