Stakeholders in Healthcare Industry Term Paper

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However, the strategy has not gone well with them recently when they commissioned deceitful study in order to scare voters to believe that reforms in health care could break their banks. This shows how they have lost their powers in the health care reforms.


Since the elderly do not believe much on the reforms, the republican took advantage of this like was evidenced during the summer when it was full of false warning concerning the death panels and cuts to Medicare. The elderly as well vote and their early and continued support of their main lobby is very important. There is likely for administration return to Medicare whenever attention is turned to pressing fiscal challenges where AARP will likely to play a greater role. As they do this they secured the closing of the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap thereby allowed the government to rein in Medicare Advantage overpayments, in addition to other reforms. Recently they even endorsed the House health care bill.

The American Hospital Association

This stakeholder has been an extensive and a bigger player in the reform fight in healthcare. They accepted a $155 billion in payment cuts over 10 years in order to assist in covering the cost of the overhaul. As a return they were to be provided with a new treatment landscape such as reduced bureaucracy, electronic records, limited number of uninsured patients, yet not taking a significant hitproft-wise. This is the reason they became concerned about a public option originally conceived as a main insurer who were responsible for paying Medicare rates to health care providers

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The American Medical Association

Term Paper on Stakeholders in Healthcare Industry Assignment

Though their powers are reduced since they are not Washington's most influential lobby, the doctors tend to be fairly loved and in case they raise concerns regarding reform, but not the republican, where the ones who were involved in warning against government bureaucrats that came between them and the doctors, then democrats could have been having difficult time calming voters' fears. Generally, doctors never accept pay cuts, and would feel comfortable dealing with less bureaucracy. They are not in support of public option, and even became disappointed when the republican and part of the democrats did away with a bill that may have reformed Medicare's physical payment formula. However at the end, they managed to get what they wanted, and recently endorsed the House Health care bill.

Health Care for America Now

These are pro-reform groups (unions and consumer groups and health care issue organization) working to pass a bill. Some such as the Service Employee International Union have played the inside game, while others like AFL-CIO have less beholden to the White House's line, however, most of them have aligned under the wide umbrella of HCAN,( Novick, Tom, 2010). Millions of dollars have been spent by HCAN on a campaign for a comprehensive health care bill, that have made liberals and reformers to settle at a single understanding of what entails a public option. Even though efforts by HCAN have not been as more vigorous as more liberal group would have expected, or remained passive as the Obama administration might have wanted, this group apart from having the ear of the White House it is a key player in Congress, and in some occasion has taken advantage of that access to great effect.


Most of these stakeholders have indeed played bigger roles in ensuring the required reforms within the health care have been initiated and implemented to the advantage of the consumers or the citizens. Though sometimes they have taken stand according to their interest their main aim has been to be part of the decision making and the ongoing reforms in health care.


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