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[. . .] Placier, M.; Walker, M.; Foster, B.; (2002) Writing the 'show-me' standards: Teacher professionalism and political control in the U.S. state curriculum policy, Curriculum Inquiry, Vol. 32, Issue 3, pp. 281 -- 310

This is an interesting article in that it examined the process used to write Missouri's assessment of student writing capabilities. The study determined that even though a teacher's group was assigned to write the initial standard's report, that politics (as usual) got their grubby fingers involved and the result was a watered-down version of what could have been. The proposed study will necessarily have to compare what and how California requires from its students as compared to what other states require. Therefore, understanding how those other states initiated assessments will allow the researcher to more fully comprehend how they compare to California's process of evaluation. It will also provide the researcher with more data on how assessments and standards should be created.

Manzo, K.K. (1996) California proposes high school academic standards to combat higher education remediation, Black Issues in Higher Education, Vol. 13, Issue 22, p. 8 -- 9

California only recently initiated educational standards that required more from high school students in order to enter college in a prepared manner. According to this article, California (in 1996) finally proposed standards that required writing and academic skills that would assist the students in passing college level courses. One of the reasons behind the move to finally have these requirements was due to the overwhelming number of high school students that had to attend remedial classes in order to enter college. The state superintendent of public instruction stated (at that time) "not having standards allows all manner of things to pass as education." The article supplies the reason behind having writing standards in the first place.

Zehr, M.A. (2009) Policy brief, Education Week, Vol. 29, Issue 1, p. 15

This article presents additional reasons for establishing standards and the widely divergent politics, ideals and thinking that goes into establishing those standards. The article documents the fractious manner in which Texas develops its educational standards. The reason why this article is a good one to use in the proposed study is that Texas and California are similar in size and diversity and can be comparably matched. Texas and California are oftentimes looked to as leaders in the United States educational community and therefore standards that originate in Texas oftentimes goes through the same process as the standards do in California. Each of the two states also have huge Latino populations which affect how the standards are written.

Herman, J.L.; Gearhart, M.; Baker, E.L.; (1993) Assessing writing portfolios: Issues in the validity and meaning of scores, Educational Assessment, Vol. 1, Issue 3, pp. 201 -- 225

Determining how to assess a writing portfolio (or even an individual writing piece) is a very important component of California's writing standard. This study sought to determine a number of different items when it comes to assessing writing skills. The study sought to answer the questions such as; is there evidence of transferability, are the scores reliable and even if portfolio scores are meaningful indicators of student achievement. What the study determined was it is possible to score assessments consistently but that there were substantial differences in how the assessments were viewed. Since the California writing standard is primarily scored on the student's ability to write, it would make sense to understand exactly what skill is being scored as well as if it is viewed as a portfolio, single sample or multiple samples of the student's work.

McKew, H. (2001) Tomorrow's engineer, Engineered Systems, Vol. 18, Issue 1, p. 154

This article defines another reason why it is important for students to acquire writing skills. The article concerns an HVAC company. While most people would not immediately recognize why writing skills are necessary for individuals installing heating and air conditioning units, this article is a perfect example of why. The article espouses the fact that the involved company develops and writes their own installation manual. Not only does the employee have to understand how one pipe fits with another, the employee must also be able… [END OF PREVIEW]

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