Marketing Plan: Staples Digital Advertising Project

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[. . .] Thus, the key goals of applying the digital campaign include, growing sales. The online market is broad and capitalizing on sales from online purchases, which is the emerging trend in business, will foster the company in growing the sales. Secondly, the digital campaign facilitates speaking. Staples will get close to the customer through establishing dialogue with them. Digital channels are excellent communication channels; thus, providing easy and cheaper means of reaching the customer.

The third objective is to serve. Staples Inc. is in service industry; thus, the websites and social platforms facilitate channels for customers to get answers to their questions. Therefore, we aim to serve people by engaging digital campaigns towards their products. Fourth objective of engaging the digital campaign is to save by cutting on costs. Digital campaigns facilitate fast, easy and relatively affordable channels of advertising and marketing. Therefore, we will cut on the costs by engaging digital media advertising campaign. The last objective of this campaign is to sizzle. Sizzle in the business entails creating and enhancing the brand online. Therefore, the campaign will help to establish the brand on the online platforms; hence, achieving maximum profit from all markets we venture through the brand level of the company.

The digital media to promote the service

The digital marketing entails use of electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, phones, digital billboards and game console in engaging the target consumer and other enterprises. It promotes the brand, products and services using either platform that is digital. Staples Inc. applies public relations and marketing via the website of the company only. However, with the digital campaign we aim to implement the following media to promote the service. The fist is the use of video. Video streaming is a booming activity over media today. The video advert runs 15 to 30 seconds before the actual video starts streaming (Burtenshaw, Caroline and Nik 21). This will reach many people as people browse videos online using their computers, phones, tablets and even recorded videos. The advertising video is also applicable in game console, where before the game begins the advert runs as the game is loading. Procedure of advertising digitally will reach millions of target customer base across the globe. The second procedure we will employ in using digital media campaign is texting. Today, short message services are a preferred communication method. Thus, broadcasting such messages via the networks of communication devices such as tablets and phones will reach the target group easily. This is a viable strategy.

Another way of employing digital marketing campaign is with social media, such as tweeter, facebook and histogram alongside others. These applications allow people to share images and links among other information (Macnamara 34). Thus, employing the digital platforms that people access through their electronic communication devices is part of the campaign to foster Staples Inc. We will re-invent social media accounts for the company on facebook, histogram and tweeter through which; we will get the message of the company to the people, who will like and share our products to others, thus reaching more target group. Another section we will employ is email blast, which entails broadcasting emails over the various email offering sites for people to receive emails advertising our products. We will also employ customer review sites, as customer reviews on a product or a store will communicate easily and readily to the target people who visit those sites. Lastly, the other procedure we aim to incorporate in the campaign is print and digital billboards. The print billboards do not have good ground today; however, digital billboard entail presenting the digital version of the billboard and posting it on the websites frequently visited by people. This will provide extensive campaign coverage. These platforms of digital media constitute the digital campaign program that we will implement for Staples Inc.

Timeline for the campaign

The digital media are an easy and fast procedure reaching the target audience. Therefore, the campaign will not cover much time. However, the digital media campaign will require regular updating and follow-up. Therefore, the campaign schedule will entail running two or three of the platforms, such as use of video streaming, digital billboards, texting, email blasts, pay per click or customer review sites simultaneously to manage the costs for a period not less than a year. This long period of campaign exposure will allow target audience to familiarize with the campaign. Additionally, the campaign has several options of the procedures to apply, thus, the campaign can run continually, with just hanging the platform in use after every year.

Financial analysis of the campaign

The market cap of Staples Inc. In the last release indicates it anchored at $10.61 billion, and the revenue at $24.05 billion. Therefore, the advertising campaign will facilitate further growth of the business. The digital advertising media can prove expensive to run all concurrently. However, choosing to employ two or three platforms at a time will manage the budget of the campaign. The operating margin of the company is at 0.06, which means it can manage a budget of $50 million per year to sustain the advertising campaign. This will cater for payments made to the facilitators of the platforms, which the company will use and the development and maintenance of the campaign messages.

Measuring the success of the campaign

To assess the progress of the campaign proposition, we will incorporate system for measuring the margin of visitors to the sites of posting the campaign message. We will also assess the feedback from those who will visit the advertisement. Through counting, the visitors to the site and number of people the emails and texts are broadcasted; we will analyze the market it reaches. Additionally, the measuring structure of the success of the campaign will entail assessing the effect on the sales both online and in stores of Staples Inc. during the period of advertisement. The analysis of such reports and feedbacks will constitute the measure of success of our campaign.


Digital media is revolutionizing the business industry (Sheehan, 78). Therefore, it is essential for all operating businesses to embrace the use of technology in forging its endeavors forward. Staples Inc. used the traditional media of print media, radio and television for advertising. However, with the proposed digital media-marketing platform, the venture will achieve its vision faster and sufficiently.

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