Star Home Improvement 5582 Secor Rd Term Paper

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Star Home Improvement

5582 Secor Rd

Mrs. Lindsey Dimick

2379 Woodlawn

Mr. Simpson

To Repair the Garage Entrance for Dimick Household

Mrs. Lindsey Dimick, Homeowner

Simpson, Chief Engineer

Star Home Improvement

Figure 1, Garage Opening

Figure 2, Uncovered System

Figure 3, View A Construction

Figure 4, View B. Construction

Figure 5, View A Completion

Figure 6, View B. Completion

This final report covers the actions taken by Star Home Improvements to make structural changes to a residential home for flood protection. It details structures and dry floodproofing methods incorporated in restricting water from entering the home. The report also includes an executive summary which outlines approved budget estimations.

Background & Statement of Problem

The client, Mrs. Dimicks, owns a home within a potential flood area. Openings and crevasses in the housing structure allow water to inundate the garage and subsequently the basement. Mrs. Dimicks has contracted Star Home Improvement to make structural changes to her home in order to reduce or eliminate the entrance of flood water.

Proposed Plan

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Star Home Improvement plans to significantly reduce or eliminate the entrance of water into the home through use of dry floodproofing methods. Its structural team plans to take advantage of the synergistic effects of combining multiple methods. Plans include the use of continuous impermeable walls, sealants for openings, flood shields for openings in exterior walls, and drainage systems. Star Home Improvements endeavors for the system to restrict the water from 0 inches to 0.5 inches into the garage. The team anticipates that restriction of water into the garage will relieve any drainage into the basement.

Costs & Timeline

TOPIC: Term Paper on Star Home Improvement 5582 Secor Rd Mrs. Assignment

The approved project estimate ranges from $8,205 to $17,645. The client increased the overall budget to implement a more comprehensive solution over a four-week period. The project was completed in four weeks.


Mrs. Lindsey Dimick would like to maintain and improve the market value of her home. The garage and basement of her home become inundated with water during storms. Mrs. Dimick has contracted Star Home Improvement to make structural improvements to her home. Such improvements would prevent the entrance of flood waters into the home and its accompanying damage and negative impaction.

Expected Outcome

Star Home Improvement established the expected outcome based on standards cited by FEMA (2014): "The minimum performance requirement for dry floodproofing measures is a space that is protected by walls that are substantially impermeable and resistant to flood loads (FEMA, 2014)" FEMA (2014) notes that "a substantially impermeable wall should limit water accumulation of four inches in a 24-hour period." "However, the minimum performance requirement can be exceeded with proper planning, design, and materials." Given flooding occurs at 2 inches of water accumulation, Star Home Improvements expects to exceed the minimum standards, accordingly. Star Home expects to completely eliminate flooding or reduce flooding to no more than 0.25-inch over an eight hour period. This maximum allotment for water accumulation will thwart the passage of flooding to the basement and reduce the overall potential for water damage in the garage area.

Dry Floodproofing Requirements

Star Home Improvement uses parallel standards cited by FEMA (2014).

detailed site evaluation detailed building (house) evaluation careful evaluation of all the dry flood proofing measures design by a qualified registered design professional

verification or testing that the constructed systems provide the desired floodproofing effectiveness operation and maintenance plan

Actions & Implementations

Site & Home Evaluation

On October 22 our assessment team evaluated the site area and home. According to FEMA (2014), "the site investigation will determine if the existing building can be cost-effectively retrofitted by looking at flood conditions needed to calculate the flood loads, such as depth of flooding and flood velocity. The site investigation will also determine whether the existing soil conditions and any existing fill under or around the building could resist scour and erosion during a design flood event." Notwithstanding, FEMA (2014) substantiates the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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