Starbucks Evaluation a Business Code Essay

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"Even the appealing health insurance benefit has prompted complaints. Some workers who claim to have worked at Starbucks say they weren't able to maintain their health benefit because managers deliberately shortened their work hours. (To be eligible for health coverage, employees must work a minimum of 20 hours a week, or 240 hours during a quarter.)" (Starbucks is hiring buts its jobs are overrated, 2012 Business Insider). Starbucks must retrain its managers as to what constitutes ethical treatment of employees, just as it has re-trained its baristas in how to make coffee. It must also redefine its ethical standards regarding Fair Trade and how the coffee that has made it famous is produced and sold.

Reacting to the code

Although Starbucks is far from problem-free as an organization, the consensus is that Starbucks' ethical mandates have an effect upon how managers, employees, and customers perceive the company in a positive fashion. When Starbucks is perceived as breaching its ethical responsibilities and commitment to quality, this is seen as a moral as well as a financial failing. Starbucks ethical stance is one reasons why its patrons are so loyal, even patrons who would not normally buy from chains, but it is also why its critics are so vociferous when it does not live up to its stated ideals (Hawthorne 2012: 46-47).


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Essay on Starbucks Evaluation a Business Code Assignment

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