Starbucks Five Forces Barriers Term Paper

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Coffee is a timeless product in which people will rely on indefinitely. However, energy drinks are something of a threat to this trend as people look to other sources for caffeinated energy.

Rivalry among Competitors - High

The rivalry among competitors depends on the specific distribution channel however on the whole the rivalry can be considered as high. Starbucks main target markets are positioned mostly in proximity to their retail locations however their products are also located in supermarkets and retailers as well as in convenience stores and other locations.


Starbucks has had a long history of using creative marketing techniques to generate growth. However, the U.S. market is saturated with competitive rivalry on all the various distribution channels. The energy drink segment is a complimentary segment and should be heavily promoted. Starbucks needs to quickly move beyond just being a coffee vendor and continue diversifying its product mix as quickly as possible.

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