Starting a Sports Program at a Newly Built High School Research Paper

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Starting a Sports Program at a Newly Built High School

The new high school which has been opened in the region is in dire need of a sports program. In the creation and implementation of the needed sports program, a multitude of elements have to be addressed. At a most primary level, logistics considerations have to be resolved, such as the location of the sports center or the equipments it will integrate. Secondly, it would be important to identify the staffing needs for the sports program and to pin point to the specific employees which are required.

The modern day society is market by a dynamic rate of evolution and rapid change. In this context, people are continually under pressure, work long hours and do not have time to cook proper meals or to exercise any more. The direct result is the sky rocking in the incidence of blood pressure and heart condition diseases. This social circumstance raises the need for more intense sports activities. In other words, the following dimension to be assessed is that of appealing to the target audience.

Aside the target audience, logistics and staffing, other aspects to be addressed include: safety issues, the sports to be practiced, the teams to be formed, or the budget necessary to ensure the adequate opening and functioning of the sports programs. Before detailing these dimensions, it is important to understand the role of sports within the educational community.

2. Sports in high schools

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Mark Conrad argues that educational institutions promote sports programs and often inter-schools competitions as a means of enhancing their own reputation. This act is based on the belief that a strong sports program within the educational institution would generate a series of benefits for the respective school. At a first level, the benefit arises when the school team wins the sports match / competition. The sense of victory generates high morale levels among the students and the teachers and motivates them to achieve higher performances; this often materializes in enhanced academic results.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Starting a Sports Program at a Newly Built High School Assignment

Aside morale and results, the benefits from owning a strong sports program also have an economic side, such as sponsorships, reputation and increased demand. "Success often translates into increased donations by alumni. Also, success leads to the branding of the schools as a top competitor to a potentially nationwide audience. National attention tends to raise awareness of a school's programs and expands the pool of potential applicants" (Conrad, 2006).

Another benefit of sports in schools is that of offering students the ability to access scholarships and go to colleges. In other words, the sports program is not only important for the educational institution itself, but also for the students' future. A high school with a strong sports program attracts both talent scouts as well as university representatives, meaning as such that it will also attract students. Yet, in order for a student to be able to play in the teams, it is necessary for them to meet minimum academic requirements. These requirements were only introduced starting with the second half of the 1980s decade; before that, it was believed that academic requirements were unfair and disadvantages the youth. However, the members of the high school sports teams came to neglect their studies. Today, minimal academic requirements are implemented in schools, but their specifics differ from one state, or even city, to the other (Delaney and Madigan, 2009).

3. The target audience

The sports program at the newly built high school targets primarily the students at the respective educational facility. These students would be presented with opportunities to practice sports both as amateurs as well as in their preparation as professionals. Sports programs designed for the high school's students and offered during school hours constitute the primary function of the center.

Aside this primary function however, the sports center would also play the role of host for sports competitions at the local level. These competitions could refer to sports matches between teams at various high schools as well as competitions organized by the city hall and hosted by the school, such as an athletic competition between the political personalities of the area, with a charitable purpose. Additionally, it would be possible for the city hall and other local organizations to host their events in the sports center as long as they pay a specific fee and the respective event does not interfere with the regular activities within the sports center.

This virtually means that the second audience targeted by the high school's sports program is constituted by the entire community which can organize various events within the premises. The address of this secondary target audience is constructed on the financial dimension of actions in the meaning that the center would be rented for the organization of events and that this decision would generate additional revenues for the sports center. The money would traditionally be used into the development of the high school, including the sports center, but also other components, such as laboratories, cafeteria and so on.

4. Logistics

The sports program would develop on the school property, within three specific locations. The first location would be constituted by an outside track created especially for athletics. The second facility would be constituted by an outside field which would be adjusted to the specific needs of the match, such as soccer, volley, baseball and so on. The third facility would be constituted by an inside field, which, similar to the outside field, would serve multiple destinations, based on specific event requirements. As an extrapolation of their sports related destination, the outside field could be used for local events, whereas the indoor field could be used for school related activities, such as prom parties.

In terms of actual transportation, this refers to two distinctive elements -- the transportation of the equipments and the transportation of the teams. Relative to the equipments, these refer specifically to the lockers, the showers, the baseball baskets and the rest of the elements required to complete a sports center. These would only be transported once, from the store to the school, and the transportation services would be offered by the purveyor. Relative to the transport of the teams, this would be ensured by each individual high school. Third, relative to the transport of the persons attending local events on school property, this would be ensured by the party subcontracting the sports field.

5. Safety issues

While it cannot be said of any human activity that it lacks in risks, sports is one of the activities which poses higher degrees of risks. And these risk increase in the educational context, in which few adults supervise many youths. In order to reduce the risks of injuries through sports activities, the following regulations should be respected:

Construction of the facilities under the various architectural regulations and by ensuring building stability and conformity with the required standards

Offer students the proper equipments and make them wear it in order to protect themselves -- helmets, elbow caps, knee caps, protective cups and so on Another element is that of ensuring that the students complete their warm up and stretches before the actual sports activity in order to avoid the risk of injury

It is also important for the coach to keep injured players on the bench. Regardless of the player's ability to salvage a difficult situation on the field, if he risks causing more damage to himself he should be kept on the bench

In case of injury, it is important for the school to provide immediate medical assistance. The school medic should also consult with the student and avoid any risk of addiction to medicines

Enforcing strong rules for each game and ensuring that the rules are understood and respected by all players (Teens Health, 2010).

6. The sports

The sports program at the newly built high school would focus on the offering of several sports, as follows:








Field hockey



The wide selection sports make it possible for the youth to capitalize on the facility regardless of season. Aside these sports offered, the sports managers are also making intense pressures to the school head to support the construction of an indoor swimming pool. For now however, this project is not a priority and funds have not yet been allocated in this direction.

7. The teams

Forming the teams would be one of the most challenging tasks. At the initial stage, each high school student would be encouraged to pick whatever sport he has practiced before or whichever he feels most confident about. Teams would be formed by dividing these students and letting them pay the respective sports they selected.

At a secondary level, the teams would be reshaped by the interest and expertise of the coach in the meaning that he would observe which of the players has a talent for the respective sport and which does not. The coach would place the more talented students in team leading positions.

In a situation in which the coach… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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