State of Green Home Building Industry Research Proposal

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¶ … Green Home Building Industry

SWOT Analysis of the state of green building

Green industries have become a renewed focus of the housing industry. But today's proposed innovations are even more radical than the solar-heated houses that were briefly popular during the oil-conscious 'stagflation' era of the 1970s. Replacement windows, highly efficient light bulbs, improved circulatory systems, and mold and dust-free homes may all be the face of the cleaner, greener, healthier future of the housing industry -- provided there are solvent consumers to buy such innovative houses and products, and provided banks are willing and able to provide the credit to the industry. This paper will attempt to give an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats offered by entering the green building industry.


Consumers today are more cost-conscious than ever before. Greening a home, by replacing energy-inefficient windows, caulking drafts, and replacing light bulbs will all result in tremendous cost savings on current buildings. Given the glut in the housing market, consumers may wish to make their current homes more affordable than move to new homes. Greening a home, with a future-oriented focus on energy costs is the obvious solution, and can provide a boon to the industry in terms of refurbishing current houses to make them greener.

Other consumers, unable to sell their homes, may wish to make their current residences cheaper to maintain, even if they eventually desire to move from their homes.

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Going green is also hipper than ever before, and has an added social cache, just like adding a new deck might have had only five years ago. Consumers may opt for green technology rather than more typical home improvements to 'impress the neighbors' and 'keep up with the Joneses.'


TOPIC: Research Proposal on State of Green Home Building Industry Assignment

Because of the credit crisis, few banks are lending money to homeowners for any purposes, even for relatively modest changes in their living structures. Consumers who are wary of losing their jobs may fear any outlay of expenses. Because the economic future is so uncertain, consumers are focusing on surviving in the short-term, not the long-term, and greening a building requires a long-term focus. Many homeowners are defaulting on their mortgages and are being forced from their homes. They lack the funds and resources simply to pay for basic home necessities, much less 'green' their current structures.

In terms of new home structures, there is already a glut in most markets of currently-existing homes, and even consumers with good credit may have trouble getting a mortgage to buy existing green homes, or obtain credit to build a new, green home to their desired energy-saving specifications.

Finally, the deflation of energy prices and prices in general may make people less worried about the escalating price of gasoline. Consumers' concerns are fickle, and although interest in green cars and green homes rose when gas prices were going 'through the roof,' this may become less of an issue, as there is a serious possibility of further price deflation in terms of maintenance costs, including utility bills.


The Obama Administration has made the 'greening' of America a fundamental part of its economic stimulus package, and will continue to make green energy, both in terms of sustainable vehicles and general energy generation, a cornerstone of future policies. Unlike the Bush Administration, President Obama does not deny the reality of global warming. His "proposed $825… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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