State Public Health Insurance Programs Research Paper

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State Public Health Insurance Programs

Medicaid is the United States

Millions of people in the United States today are uninsured, despite the fact that the U.S. government officially sponsors a program called Medicaid designed to help the poorest of poor Americans obtain healthcare. Theoretically, everyone whose income falls below a designated limit should be able to rely upon Medicaid for basic care. But given the realities of economic and political life in the U.S., this is not always the case. 16.3% of all individuals (about 44.3 million) had no insurance coverage in 1998 and that number has ballooned since the current recession (Jacobs & Rapoport 2002: 315). Individuals with incomes above the poverty threshold working multiple jobs that do not offer benefits to part-time workers often must rely upon emergency rooms for basic, primary care yet they are not technically eligible for Medicaid.

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Part of the problem is inconsistency in terms of Medicaid funding and standards from state to state. Unlike Medicare, the program designed to provide healthcare coverage for senior citizens, Medicaid programs are run by the states and financed through state as well as through federal initiatives. States have been financially strapped because of the recent recession -- there is increased demand for social services, yet less income tax money is replenishing the state coffers. State-by-state funding is theoretically designed to allow states to tailor their aid to the needs of individual populations but has resulted in inconsistent policies and difficulties meeting the needs of the disparate populations Medicaid is designed to treat, including the elderly poor, children, mothers, and the disabled (Jacobs & Rapoport 2002: 323).

Research Paper on State Public Health Insurance Programs Assignment

Medicaid's outreach has been expanding because of the increase in poor children without healthcare. Since 1990, the costs of the program have skyrocketed, as it has provided funding for families whose incomes are technically above the poverty line with uninsured children. There is also a persistent reluctance amongst physicians to serve Medicaid patients, because of low levels of reimbursement and a lack of timely reimbursement.

In Illinois, for example, the underfunded Medicaid program… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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