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Stat Abuse

The Precautionary Principle

Peter T. Saunders of the Mathematics Department of King's College, in London, published an article titled "Use and Abuse of the Precautionary Principle" that deals with a highly specific and unique problem when it comes to the use of statistical information. Many statistical abuses occur when conclusions not fully supported by statistics are asserted, or when differences that are not statistically significant are made to appear greater than they really are. According to Saunders, there are certain situations where it is actually good to use statistics in this way -- specifically, in cases where there is a potential for harm if a correlation exists. That is, things like cigarettes and possible carcinogens should be assumed to be unsafe as soon as any evidence suggests that they might be, unless there is a compelling reason that a potentially harmful substance should be used. Saunders advocates and over-reaction to statistical data in such cases as a means of offering the greatest protection. This is called the "precautionary principle," and it is common sense according to Saunders' explanation. In situations where the precautionary principle applies, any observed change on a population should be taken as a sign that the substance/action/etc. is correlated with that change until it can be positively demonstrated that this is not the case.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Statistic Project Assignment

After explaining the precautionary principle in great deal and making the foundational logic and ethicality behind this principle quite clear, Saunders turns to how statistics can be abused when… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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