Term Paper: Statistical Analysis of American Electorate

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Statistical Analysis of American Electorate

The process of designing an empirical research project that examines the relationship between party identification and the effect of news media on vote choice should begin with an assessment of the variables to be tested. In light of the information provided in the monograph, which observes that "the stronger a person's party identification, the less effect that news media has on the person's vote choice," it would seem that the asserted negative correlation between strength of party affiliation and the effect of news media requires further confirmative testing. The increased polarization of the American electorate must be accounted for, because as the recently concluded presidential election of 2012 and the political gridlock to follow has surely demonstrated, the lack of impact from news media on voter choice may simply be the result of preexisting reinforcement. Simply put, as the rise of ideologically inclined "news" networks like FOX News and MSNBC has come to dominate the distribution of political media, voters may no longer view the news as a source of information in deciding the party with which they choose to identify, but as a means of validating a choice that has already been made. This purpose of this research project is to examine the link between long-term viewership of news media through either FOX News, which typically espouses a conservative slant in its political coverage, and MSNBC, which pursues a liberal agenda in its programming, and the documented lack of influence from news media on voter choice.

In this case, the independent variable of party identification will be tested against dual dependent variables; the relative consumption of political content from ideological media outlets, and the lack of impact that this consumption exerts on voter impact.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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