Case Study: Statistical Research a Study Performed

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[. . .] Null Hypothesis: The shifts in precipitation patters will not continue to change.


Type of Research Design

The identified problem and questions will be resolved via a quantitative methodology in the form of an ex post facto design, looking at data for rainfall and the advancement of the ozone layer hole available from NOAA (Southern Hemisphere (Antarctic) Stratospheric Ozone and Temperature Data) and NASA (Ozone Hole Watch).

Data Collection and Variables

This statistical project will collect data from NOAA.GOV and NASA.GOV websites, particularly concerning the following variables:

1. Ozone Layer Depletion

2. Precipitation

Data Analysis

The mean for the ozone hole in 1979 was 225.0 compared to 106.2 in 2011, indicating a decrease in the ozone hole. Temperatures are showing shifts to warmer temperatures with record highs in recent years. Precipitation results are showing less precipitation.


The results of analysis are showing a change in precipitation patterns. The earth is getting warmer as it has increased temperatures. Precipitation patterns are shifting for different regions. Where they are warmer with more drought-like conditions in the Northern Hemisphere, some areas are showing flooding with increased precipitation.


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