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Over the course of time, this has created situations where an individual would rather stay on the computer vs. conducting some kind of face-to-face communication. Instead, most people have begun to use social networking, texting, email and instant messaging to speak with one another. This is point that a person will feel a sense of disconnect from society, as they will use computers to take them to an alternate reality. Once this occurs, is when consumers will begin to spend larger amounts of time on their computers in comparison with other activities.

The Use of Computer by Businesses, Governments and other Organizations

Over the decades, there has also been a shift in the kinds of organizations that are utilizing computers to achieve a host of objectives. The reason why, is because they have been shown to lower costs and increase productivity. For businesses, governments, schools and nonprofits this has become a vital tool that they are using to achieve a host of objectives.

Evidence of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They found that nearly 77% of employees are using computers at some point during the working day (which is 55.5% of labor force). The below table is illustrating the total amount of computers that are being used in the workplace based on age demographics. ("Computer and Internet use at Work," 2009)

Use of Computers in the American Workplace (in millions)


Total Labor Force

Number using Computers

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Percentage of Employed

16 and over




16 -- 24








35 -- 44








55 to 64


Term Paper on Statistics and Analyzing Why This Assignment



64 and over




("Computer and Internet use at Work," 2009)

These figures are important, because they are showing how a large number of employers will have their staff spending most of their time utilizing computers. The reason why, is due to the fact that these machines have become a vital part of their organization. As a result, this has allowed them to increase productivity and maximize their profits. However, if there are any kind of issues (such as a security breach) the odds increase that an entity will have to spend billions of dollars addressing them and they could see damage to their reputation. This is significant, because it is showing how many firms have become increasingly reliant on computers to perform a wide variety of tasks and reach out to customers.


Clearly, society has become too dependent upon computers to perform a variety of tasks. The reason why, is because there has been a focus on using these machines to improve productivity and increase the underlying profit margins for businesses. While consumers are utilizing these devices to be entertained, shop and stay informed. This is troubling, because it means that in the future there is the possibility that everyone will be exposed to a potential breach (i.e. identify theft or having organizational trade secrets stolen). As a result, there needs to be more of an emphasis on using computers to perform essential tasks. While at the same time, there should be a focus on having some kind of backup system that will prevent the loss of critical data.


Computer and Internet Usage. (2009). BLS. Retrieved from:

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