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For example, it cannot be interpreted the age of the different immigrant groups, as this is not published. In addition, no conclusions can be definitively drawn about the timing of immigration flows -- those are only guessed at. In addition, there are no statistics provided in this report about the economic condition of immigrants or their settlement patterns. No conclusion can be drawn about the age of native speakers, with respect to determining the risk those languages face of extinction. The age of native speakers can be reasonably guessed, but not on the basis of the data provided in this report.

4. These statistics could impact our perception of certain topics by delivering facts about the subject. By providing accurate information, the basis is formed for the reader of the statistics to understand the facts surrounding an issue. Many topics become either politicized or subject to erroneous assumptions. Both can be countered with the use of facts. There is often a gap between perception and reality, but by understanding the reality a new and more accurate perception can be created. This will benefit anybody studying these issues, as they are able to separate out the facts from the perceptions more easily.

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5. There are a number of predictions for the future that can be made using these statistics. Such conclusions can be drawn in particular if the figures from the previous census are also made available. With the 2001 figures, trends can be determined in the populations of different ethnic groups. This can assist with a number of public functions in particular, such as English or French as a second language provision and other public service provisions. If trends on ethnic diversity and language use are known, then stakeholders can better understand the ethic makeup of Canada going forward, allowing for better decisions both in terms of public policy and commerce.

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The figures also include statistics on age, which is critical for both government and commerce. The degree to which the Canadian population is aging is worth understanding because of the public policy implications as well. On a general level, any line of information contained within the demographic report can be extrapolated into the future to understand the demographic trends within the country.

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