Statistics: Marketing the Practice Applying One's Knowledge Essay

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Statistics: Marketing the Practice

Applying one's knowledge and skills in statistics and statistical applications is not too difficult, especially when the client or end user is concerned about the validity or reliability (or both) of the data. However, as with other practice of experts in a particular field or area of expertise, the challenge to promoting the use of statistics is on the manner by which practitioners (i.e., statisticians) "market" this discipline and their expertise.

The science of statistics make this field an especially exclusive niche for academicians, and at most, practitioners working as "specialists" for statistics-dependent industries, such as market/business research and management consulting industries. Statisticians working for the academe and specialist industries have different approaches to implementing statistics in their respective fields. Statisticians working for the academe implement statistical principles, techniques, and applications with great rigor, and they usually work on projects that look at issues or problems from a generalist's approach. That is, statistics as applied in checking for data quality and analyses in the academe caters specifically to the project itself, with a broader look at how the project's findings will be used as a becnhmark or standard to similar kinds of studies.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Statistics: Marketing the Practice Applying One's Knowledge Assignment

Statisticians working as specialists for a specific industry, meanwhile, would have a more specific approach to applying statistics in their chosen field of expertise. Statisticians working for market research agencies or consulting firms would apply statistical techniques and principles to answer a client's business needs and issues, and each project's findings will betreated as confidential and would not be integrated for public use. Instead, this compilation of studies would be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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