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Term Paper on Statues of Art Assignment

In the case of Auguste Rodin, the most striking element is, in my opinion, the exactness with which he modeled the two bodies giving the impression of reality. The two bodies seem alive and about to move. The impression of reality and authenticity is also given by the shadows of the statues, but mostly by details such as the contraction in the man's foot and the way his lover's back is arched which generate the impression that they are actually made of flesh, bones and muscles. I believe that behind the actual technique he employed was his desire to illustrate passionate love through lines and curves. The sculpture is in many ways, very sexual depicting two lovers engaging in a kiss fueled by sexual tension. A good example is the position of the man's hand on his lover's thigh as well as the way the woman barely touches the ground with her feet. I think the sculpture breathes eroticism especially through the body language of the two lovers; it is very interesting to notice that their lips do not even… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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