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[. . .] Jeb Bush propose that there should be a deliberative policy to manage Medicaid in order by saving at least 8% of the health care funds. At this rate the government can save to fund more facilities for the future patients.

In view of the above what the government of the State needs to address now is the public healthcare public management system that allow the individual health plans through managed care. Individuals should encourage the beneficiaries to invest in the funds so that they will reap the benefits as and when they require it regardless of their age. The current economic status of the country does not encourage savings in banks therefore health care fund or trusts allow the individuals to channel their savings yet be ensured of their health facilities as well. They may choose the kind of health services they need depending on the regularity of the need and future expectations.

The legislature should also address the issue of shortage of health facilities, as there are limited institutions to take care of this need. As there are more and more insurance liability for treatment by doctors consumers are limited in their choice in making any kind of changes in expanding their consumption to new ones. One solution is to install health insurance companies that would cater to the doctors only thereby increase the risk pool as is needed in health insurance and in professional insurance.

However, this should not be limited to the urban areas. Half of the state is rural as well but the requirement for treatments and health facilities require similar attention by legislatures thus the governor should also address the needs of the rural areas. Growth in urban areas like Miami Dade is greatly large and requires extensive legislative programs to address the health care facilities similarly is the case of Broward Fl.

Thus, given the above analysis the author propose the following immediate steps to address the health care issues in the next 10 years for Florida:

Introduction of managed care

Introduction of elderly health care programs

Public funded savings programs for insurance

Set up insurance companies to increase implementation of professional conducts and doctors insurance liability thereby increasing consumer trusts to disseminate usage of health facilities

Set up of more health care facilities for both urban and rural areas especially in the Broward and Miami areas.


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