Essay: How Stella Saved the Farm: Incorporating Innovation

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¶ … Stella saved the farm

Identify one example of the 5 Ps found in How Stella Saved the farm, i.e. teamwork, use of technology, organizational structure/chart, innovation, risk management, leadership, quality improvement, marketing and health related issues, etc. (5ps can be found in section C, resource #3)

As the members of the farm contemplate different ways to make it more profitable, they engage in participatory democracy, exchanging ideas and brainstorming as part of a team. It is obvious that there is a certain bias in the suggestions they give (the stallions want to start a racetrack and the ewes want to sell ice cream made from their milk). However, in the true spirit of teamwork, they do not initially censor any of the ideas. However, once the ideas are generated, there is an effort to find the best one.

Q2. What is the purpose of the microsystem in Stella?

The purpose of the microsystem is to maintain a self-sustaining farm that is profitable and can also support the lives of all of the animals. All of the animals have a mutual interest in supporting the farm.

Q3. What is the population served of the microsystem in Stella?

The microsystem exists to serve itself, contrary to a typical farm which is owned by a farmer who uses the animals as property to make a profit from.

Q4. Who are the members of the team in Stella?

Initially, the dominant members of the team are Deidre (a horse), and the sheep Stella and Masie. However, gradually Deidre realizes that there needs to be new blood brought into the team. That is why one of the Peruvian alpacas are brought onto the management team, because there is an acknowledgement that in-depth knowledge and experience about the alpaca wool industry is required to negotiate with buyers.

Q5. What are the processes or protocols used? Identify at least 2 processes or protocols used on either two work areas in Stella?

Initially, the sheep and alpaca are suspicious of one another because the alpaca seem so different. However, by encouraging both… [END OF PREVIEW]

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