Stem Cell Ethics Debating Essay

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However, ES cell research continues wherever this law does not apply, including within the research laboratories of private U.S. companies and overseas. Despite the limited reach of this law, there has yet to be a report of anyone producing, or intending to produce, human embryos on a large scale. The middle ground in this debate appears to be the status quo, which includes the limited availability of established and well-characterized ES cell lines, advances in ES cell research that promotes advances in the field as a whole, and rapid progress in the AS/iPS cell research fields that may eventually render ES cells clinically irrelevant.

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Antiniou, Michael. "The Case Against & #8230;" Nature Medicine 7.4 (2001): 397-399. Web. The author argues that the use of embryonic stem cells for research and medicine poses significant ethical and moral issues that cannot be overcome. Of particular concern is the potential for reproductive cloning, a door that the author believes was opened when the UK government approved the use of embryonic stems cells for research and medicine.

Blow, Nathan. "In Search of Common Ground." Nature 451.7180 (2008): 855-858. Web. The author presents several issues facing researchers who work with stem cells and discusses why they are important to advancing this field of research. Of primary concern is developing standard protocols for producing stem cells and creating the necessary protocols and reagents that will allow the therapeutic use of stem cells in humans.

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Leeb, C., Jurga, M., McGuckin, C., Forraz, N., Thallinger, C., Moriggl, R. et al. "New Perspectives in Stem Cell Research: Beyond Embryonic Stem Cells." Cell Proliferation 44.1 (2011): 9-14. Web. The focus of this article is the promises and limitations of embryonic, adult, and induced pluripotent stem cells, from the perspective of scientists working in this field. The ethical decisions concerning the use of embryonic stem cells are only mentioned in passing.

Essay on Stem Cell Ethics Debating the Assignment

Power, Carl and Rasko, E.J. "Promises and Challenges of Stem Cell Research for Regenerative Medicine." Annals of Internal Medicine 155.10 (2011): 706-713. Web. The authors discuss in detail the three main types of stem cell technologies: embryonic, adult, and induced pluripotent. Ethical issues are mentioned occasionally, but not discussed.

Ritz, John M. "Magic from Human Regenerative Technologies -- Stem Cells." Technology and Engineering Teacher May/June (2012): 4-9. Web. The author provides a general overview on cloning technology in laymen's terms. The technologies covered are embryonic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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