Stem Cell Research Essay

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Furthermore, a Utilitarian approach is based on the prerogative that the final goal of a constructive action justifies any means employed, and the right action is proved right only if it results in the most happiness and common welfare for the whole community. The principle of utility asserts that we ought to always produce the maximal balance of positive value over disvalue, or the least possible disvalue, if only undesirable results can be achieved. In this light, a total clearance for stem cell research is more than relevant. The final purpose of the research is based on solid foundations, and more likely to be true than the notion that an embryo is equal to an adult human being.

All in all, it can be stated that the utilitarian position presents the advantage of objectively quantifying the interests of everyone affected by the decision, for the sole purpose of promoting common welfare. Thus, harvesting, fertilizing, genetically screening, implanting and researching human embryos at the risk of damaging or destroying them - is entirely justified from this perspective, and any progressive endeavor is encouraged.

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Not only could the following generations be safe from cancer, AIDS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and many other conditions in the face of which medicine is currently powerless, but they could redirect the colossal amount of capital which is now invested in the pharmaceutical industry towards other, more useful endeavors -- such as finding alternative non-polluting sources of energy, or invest in devising technologically advanced vessels by which to explore the universe.


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