Stem Cell Research Is a Hotly Debated Term Paper

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Stem cell research is a hotly debated topic in today's society. These remarkable cells have the ability to grow into a variety of different cell types, dividing without limitation. These unique properties have led scientists to theorize that stem cells could repair damaged or diseased parts of the body, opening new medical possibilities. Denying stem cell research now would be denying medical advancements that could potential save millions of lives in the future. Not only is the claim that using embryos for stem cells is committing murder not valid, but different methods of obtaining stem cells are being developed, even those that are similar in ability to embryonic stem cells. This combined with the greater good that can be achieved with successful cures and treatments from stem cell research clearly demonstrates the need to continue to support this valuable scientific work.

Stem Cell Research Overview:

Stem cells differ from other cells in two ways. First, they are unspecialized, formed without a specific purpose, and renew themselves, through cell division, for long periods. Second, and of particular interest for medical researchers, stem cells can be induced, via certain physiologic or experimental conditions, to become specialized cells, as needed. Scientists work with either embryonic and adult stem cells.

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Embryonic stem cells create specialized cells such as the heart, lungs, and skin, in a developing embryo. Adult stem cells can create bone marrow, muscle, and brain tissue that is lost through normal wear, injury, or disease. It is believed that stem cell research may hold the key for successfully treating such debilitating diseases like: heart disease, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease ("Stem Cell Basics").

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Medical researchers study stem cells to understand their essential properties, and how stem cells differ from their specialized cell brethren.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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