Stem Cell Research Utilizing Essay

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Stem Cell Research

Utilizing Stem Cell Research

There has historically been a significant amount of debate concerning the issue of stem cell research, which exists in both "the political arena and in…philosophical circles" (Napier 496). In fact, the very notion of this concept has the ability to polarize a vast majority of people who give a degree of preponderance to the moral and pragmatic issues concerning this topic. Those who tend to oppose stem cell research typically due to moral grounds, while those who are in favor of it usually do so because of the many scientific advantages that this sort of research might yield. However, a careful analysis of arguments from proponents of both sides reveals that stem cell research should be allowed, for the simple fact that there are some morally permissible means of conducting this research.

Stem cell research did not begin in earnest until the latter portion of the 20th century, as "the first decade following the initial harvesting of human embryonic stem cells (1998-2008)" (Duroy 831) occurred in the 1990s. The crux of the issue of morality regarding this topic revolves around the fact that in order to engender stem cells, "live human embryos must be destroyed" (Landy & Zucker 1184). The point of morality that is often debated in regards to stem cell research pertains to whether or not embryos are in themselves people. Those who believe so think it immoral to kill them for stem cell research, while those who do not think so believe it is not immoral to kill them.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Stem Cell Research Utilizing Stem Cell Research Assignment

Those who are looking to terminate stem cell research because they think it is ethically wrong to do so make a convincing case. These adherents believe that life actually begins with conception, and that an embryo represents the initial fledgling stages of life. People may have opinions related to this issue, but there is very little scientific data existent that can dispel or even dictate the actual rudimentary stages of life. A number of religious groups and their supporters traditionally adopt an anti-stem cell stance based on this line of reasoning. However, the very virtue of this argument is its weakness, since it is virtually indeterminable at which point life begins, it is dubious to state that it actually begins with conception.

Those who are in favor of stem cell research believe that the scientific advantages of this process -- which include its use for "various therapeutic purposes… for neurological disorder patients" (Saxena et al. 223) -- outweigh any potential harm it causes to embryos, which may or may not full represent human life. In addressing the morality of this issue, many proponents of stem cell research claim that embryos should not be considered people since they are still sexless, and cannot fell pain. A fairly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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