Stem Cell Research and Yaz Rebuttal Essay

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¶ … Stem Cell Research and Yaz


Every woman has the right to make the decision that determines when she conceives a child. Yaz is one of millions of medications readily available on the market and as with all medications there is an inherent risk in consuming it. Each day millions of individuals take medications that carry some sort of risk. Some of these risks are mild and some are severe, but it is up to that individual to decide the best course of action for their situation. As long as pharmaceutical companies practice full disclosure, making sure to reveal all the benefits and risks of taking Yaz, then we should not deny women access to use the medication. Contrary to what many who advocate a ban on Yaz may believe, women aren't docile creatures who can't make proper decisions for themselves. Women are perfectly capable of making informed decisions that affect their well-being. If a woman who uses Yaz decides that the risks are too great and the effects too dangerous, she can simply stop using it. Again, the choice is hers.

We suffer thousands of babies born each year, to mothers who are grossly unprepared for the challenges of parenthood. Yaz prevents pregnancy 99% of the time. Why not allow women who aren't ready to have a child take the proper precautions to help ensure pregnancy does not occur? In the end, it is us, the taxpayers who wind up footing the bill for unwanted babies and children who grow up in our social welfare system.

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Banning the use of Yaz is another form of denying women the right to choose.

Essay on Stem Cell Research and Yaz Rebuttal: Yaz Assignment

Pockets of our society still seek to deny women the right to decide what to do with their own bodies. This is not only wrong, but also immoral and unethical. If a woman opts to use Yaz as her preferred method of contraceptive, who is anyone to say she can't? Yes, Yaz has risks associated with its use. A properly informed woman who chooses to use Yaz has exercised her God-given right of free will and the right of free choice we are guaranteed in this country. Taking away a woman's right to choose[END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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