Stephen Represented a Difficult Case Case Study

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Stephen represented a difficult case. He is unable to perform the only job he has done in many years. But it was his mental state that presented the most difficulty for me. Stephen wants to return to driving a truck, but cannot. He is embittered by this process; where many clients are excited about getting a job Stephen is in a more negative state. The approach that I took with Stephen involved two distinct steps. The first step is that I want to mentally prepare Stephen for the job assessment process. He needed to understand what the different steps were going to be and what his expectations should be. I felt that this was important because he had not only been so long since the last time he looked for work, but also because he needed to be refocused on the task at hand. I did have the sense that I was only moderately successful in this, but he was receptive at least to the information about the process.

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Stephen understood that he needed to be open-minded about the process and its results. At that point, I did some testing to see where his skills are. Stephen tested poorly in many things such as computer skills, but I was able to make a few different suggestions for the types of positions that would fit his skill set. Stephen's hesitance to accept the reality of the situation was expected, but it definitely presented a challenge for me. My approach was that I did not want to tell Stephen what to do, but let him work through the process of deciding for himself what to do. I feel that in the long run, this will help him embrace whatever position he eventually finds for himself. To a certain extent, I feel that just getting him to think about other employment possibilities besides truck driving is a good starting point, because the mental aspect is going to be critical for Stephen to successfully transition to a new career.

TOPIC: Case Study on Stephen Represented a Difficult Case. He Is Assignment

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