Stop Online Piracy Act Research Paper

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This is important, in showing how the opposition to SOPA is making the situation more complicated.


Clearly, the biggest ethical challenges with SOPA are how this law can be enforced without infringing on civil rights. This is a difficult issue, because proponents are arguing that legal case precedent requires for everyone to have their intellectual property rights respected. While opponents will claim that this law is giving too much power to the government to black out entire domain names and punish providers (such as: ISPs, search engines or payment processors). In both cases, each side is worried about how ethical standards will be enforced from a personal and intellectual perspective. As a result, this is having an impact on business law by creating a conflict between ensuring that legal case precedent remains in place and balancing civil rights concerns. This is what has been creating the moral dilemma about how these kinds of laws will be applied when it comes to copyright protections in the future.


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Research Paper on Stop Online Piracy Act One Assignment

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