Strategic Assessment of a Health Care Organization Case Study

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Strategic Assessment of a Health Care Organization

Strategic Assessment of Health Care Organization

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Over the last several years, a variety of health and safety issues have been increasingly brought to the forefront about a number of hospitals. Part of the reason for this, is because the general public is demanding the highest quality care. In the case of California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, they are wrestling with their own challenges. This is despite the fact that they are ranked as one of the top health care facilities in the country (according to recent study that was conducted in U.S. News and World Reports). ("California Hospital Medical Center," 2011) The reason why, is because the industry is changing and there are number of issues that could have an effect on the long-term financial viability of hospital. Over the course of time, this can become problematic as it will affect: the kind of services they are providing and their image in the community. As a result, administrators must be prepared to adapt to the various challenges that they are facing. To fully understand how to do this requires: creating a leadership strategy that will address these challenges in the future. This will be accomplished by: defining the resources that will be needed and how the strategy can be measured for its effectiveness. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights about facility's ability to adapt to the different challenges that they are facing.

Define the hospital's needs in terms of resources to make your plans work.

Case Study on Strategic Assessment of a Health Care Organization Assignment

To understand the resources that will be required; means that we must look at some of the various weaknesses inside the facility itself. A few of the most notable include: there is inflexibility in the decision making process, management's conservative approach will have an impact on the kinds of treatment options that are available, many of the capital spending projects are becoming a financial drain, there are high levels of employee turnover and there is increasing amounts of negligence among the different staff members. These elements are important, because they are illustrating how the facility is facing a number of challenges that are beginning to: have an effect on the quality of care that is being provided. To prevent the situation from becoming worse, various resources must be placed strategically. This will provide us with the necessary tools to effectively tackle these problems.

The different resources that will be needed to help address the challenges facing the hospital include: allies in the staff / administration, the capital necessary to quickly fix pressing issues, the ability to streamline the decision process and the power to discuss with outgoing employees why they are leaving the facility. These different tools are important, because they are defining what resources will be: required to address these challenges and they are providing an idea of the overall scope of these issues. (Ledlow, 2011, pp. 237- 250)

The way that we will implement these various resources as a part of our strategy is by: conducting a survey about how employees feel these issues can be rectified. At the same time, administrators will identify allies inside the various departments. They can tell them about the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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