Education Platform Design: Online Strategy Business Plan

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With the sharing function, students could then build connection with other students they consider as good one to learn from or the one needed for suggestions for improvement. This could then, unconsciously boost the effectiveness of learning outcome, meanwhile gain more possibilities offset some missing point for the learning outcomes.

Moreover, the instructors would be required to mark the assessment on the setting criteria to avoid from any personal biases, as well as make the fairness for each student. At the meantime, the instructor would have the accessibility viewing the communication through the peer review system to sort out the popular questions and provide to the bulletin for answering the question in a formal pattern.

Additionally, the platform could be equipped with the big data science function f that combines with statistics, mathematics and intelligent data capture techniques for sorting out the most common underline point automatically within the teaching material or function that provided for instructors for accurate analysis provided for students. That would be a new innovation function for the online education business towards to better accuracy as well as efficiency.

Therefore, with the assessment mechanism accompanied with the peer review function separating the working load of each instructor, in terms of the question resolving for the students, it would help largely with the booming working load also maintain the reputation of the business

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Recommendation for problem 4

Business Plan on Education Platform Design: Online Strategy Assignment

Students should be availed with a chance for remarking or rechecking. In this case, if any students feels aggrieved by the marks they have received or think the marks they have received are unclear, they should be able to have somewhere on the platform where they can request to have their grades reviewed or to ask an instructor to provide extra information. If such an opportunity is provided on the platform, it will ensure the process of resolving such issues is standardized and it will build even more trust among those using it. It will also make sure that instructors on the platform do their work carefully and diligently because they know they can be reviewed any time by fellow instructors in case of student complaints.

Problem5. Permission Problem

Due to the increasing number of registered users, documental management has become one of a problem to Dr Jane Smith. A large number of registered students coming cause the existing service is crashed, moreover, it has become more difficult to manage students.


A new system contributes a better monitor and manages the environment. With the system development, permission is a protection policy to protect documents. The top administrator has right to set up permission for the users and managers (Sealpath n.d) . For this case study, it can be divided into three parts, such as unit handbook pdf permission, background management and payment account checking. All permission can be enabled or disabled with the help of web application, and only the groups of administrators are available to set permissions for specific users.

For the IT aspect, design an application within the website, that allows administrators can manage permissions. Depends on their duty, Dr Smith can separate the management of department level, appoint the different level of permission for them (Microsoft 2019) . She can make the changes to default permission levels. For example, table 1.

Table 1. Permission levels

Permission Level



Full control

This permission level is default assigned to the owner.

Dr Smith


Allows to add, edit and delete documents.

Dr Smith and her employees


Allows to add, delete, upload and view documents.

Dr Smith and her employees


Allows to view and download documents.

Students who have registered and finished the payment

Limited Access

Users are allowed to access the main page, but not some specific pages which have not be provided permission.

For some people who only has registered, but have not paid

Viewed only

Only allows to view pages and documents.

For the aspect of peer research

Recommendation for problem 5

The new system will include multiple backend users to help with its daily operations and to manage the needs of the students. The users will all have their own individual accounts with permissions/ the things they can do restricted to the roles they play. For instance, some can view only, some will have limited access, some can contribute, some can edit, and some will have full control as shown in Table 1 above. To make it easier for the system to operate optimally, there are a couple of roles that will be built into the system complete with the roles that need to be performed. The roles will be utilized as templates to enable new users to easily have their own roles and permissions created. The owner level role/ the system admin role/ the role of Dr Smith, will be the only one permitted to add or remove users from the system via its account settings function.

Here is how the system will work, once a user has created an account and paid the course fee, they will automatically have the permission to access the necessary course documents and to upload their assignments or tasks for review. Nevertheless, they will not have the permission to delete or edit any of the documents or information they find on the system. This, as explained above, will only be allowed to other system roles – an act that can only be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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