Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane A-Level Coursework

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Strategic Communication

Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Guidance and Assistance for FHA Insured Recipients

In Class Goal Setting

The goal of the program is to ensure strategic communication to inform FHA insured recipients of assistance they are eligible for following Hurricane Sandy.

Audience Goal Behavior/Action

Emergency/Government Agencies Service Provision Strategic communication to public

FHA Homeowners and Renters Receipt of Service Receipt of viable information on receiving services and aid

These actions are feasible for each agency listed. The barriers to action for each agency are reaching the appropriate people with the appropriate communication and information.

Description of Audience

Government Agency

If this agency provides optimum communication rather than inferior communication then our agency will be able to effectively provide services to those impacted by disaster.

B. Those affected by the disaster

If I receive carry out the necessary communication with the agencies listed then I will be in receipt of needed services, however, if I fail to communicate with the agencies listed then I will not receive services. The image of the action requested by the agencies is that the agencies are trying to make provision of services and ultimately provide disaster relief.

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Openings that are efficient and effective include advertising on local radio stations, televisions and online via social media websites. Focus groups are also a great method of understanding what is needed following the occurrence of a disaster.

III. Focus Group Studies

Focus group studies would include those who have been affected by disaster and who have a viewpoint of what was done correctly and what could have been done more optimally.

IV. Brief Topic Guide

A. Strategic communications

TOPIC: A-Level Coursework on Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane Assignment

Strategic communications means "using corporate or institutional communications to create, strengthen or preserve, among key audiences, opinion favorable to the attainment of institutional/corporate goals" with the goal being the promotion of the public policy outcome which is favorable and reduction in the cost of doing business as well as providing support to marketing and operational effectiveness. (O'Malley, 2006, paraphrased)

Strategic communications planning may be a master plan or specific event or announcement-specific plan. (O'Malley, 2006) the key planning concept is actionable meaning that it has the support of decision-makers and key implementers as well the plan can be implemented "given the resources, and the culture of the organization." (O'Malley, 2006) the products of an effective process for planning is such that should "embody an integrative, orderly decision-making process" and "should include consultation with decision-makers and key implementers." (O'Malley, 2006) the plan must be reflective of the institutional culture, which includes the communications culture of the organization and the planning culture of the organization. (O'Malley, 2006)

B. Questions to Ask Focus Group

Questions to pose to the focus group study participants include at the very minimum those stated as follows:

(1) How did the emergency agencies fail in communicating to you what you needed to do to receive service provision and ultimately aid following the disaster?

(2) What could the emergency agencies and government agencies have done that would be better forms of communication to the public following the disaster?

(3) What could you have done to assist the communication process following the disaster?

V. Application of Theory

A. Knowledge Sharing

The work of Chennamaneni (2006) reports that Knowledge sharing has been "identified as the key enabler of knowledge management. To leverage knowledge resources and to support knowledge sharing organizations are employing knowledge management systems." (2006, p.v) However, technology alone cannot ensure that knowledge will be shared. Knowledge can be viewed as "individual or collective. Individual knowledge exists in the heads of individuals, while collective knowledge exists in the collective actions of the groups and organizations." (Chennameni, 2006)

Organizations play a key role in the activation of "explicit and tacit dimensions of knowledge and in providing a forum for the knowledge spiral through continuous interaction among individuals… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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