Strategic and Ethical Management Tactics Term Paper

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Clearly Gulfstream supports each of these premises, working with employees to create accountability, provide individuals with a respectful work environment, create public trust and awareness and hold individuals accountable for their actions. Values Gulfstream touts include customer service, employee empowerment and employee professionalism and integrity in the workplace, evident in Gulfstream's literature and information to the public.

Within the organization, one might consider ethics a fore as much as a value that promotes accountability and "commitment to serving public interest" (Bonczek & Menzel, 13). No where is this more evident than at Gulfstream where the corporations mission and values are based on an ethical foundation that works to instill confidence in all that participate in organizational functions. A work environment that promotes ethical practices is more likely to sustain a base of employees and customers that remain committed and loyal for years to come. For these internal and external customers, the ethical company has created value and fulfilled a need that may not be met from less ethical competitors.


In a globally competitive marketplace managers must seek out sustainable methods for building competitive advantage and raising productivity. Gulfstream has adopted numerous sustainable strategic management techniques and ethical practices that have propelled the organization to the forefront of the industry.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Strategic and Ethical Management Tactics: Assignment

Some of the more notable strategic and ethical techniques adopted by the company include: (1) promotion of a diverse workforce (2) commitment to fair and equitable hiring and employment practices, (3) promotion of human resources strategies that encourage employee and managerial accountability, (4) continuous improvement measures that include performance evaluations for employees, (5) adoption of employee rewards and recognition programs that encourage loyalty and commitment and (6) valuing of community and customers by engaging in humanitarian efforts and continual customer service. Not one of these factors stands alone as the most important factor in the organizations success. Rather, strategic and ethical techniques adopted by Gulfstream work synergistically to keep the company ahead of the competition.

The techniques adopted by Gulfstream are applicable to any other global competitor, whether large or small. For a company to ultimately create balance and success, it must align organizational goals and objectives with those of employees and customers. This is accomplished through the many ethical and strategic business techniques described above.


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