Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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These practices vary on account of factors which are specific to individual businesses such as circumstances, type of organization, as well as context. The three primary models of the best-fit approach are identified as competitive strategy, life cycle, and strategic configuration. Competitive strategy revolves around the concept of company distinction in one or more areas such as innovation, cost leadership, and quality; the organization of human resources is based upon those areas which provide the means for a company to distinguish itself from competitors. The life cycle model enables the management of human resources to grow and change with an organization through traditional stages of development known as start-up, growth, maturity and decline. Strategic configuration is the process of an enterprise aligning its human resources strategy with one of several differentiated, pre-existing models.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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The best-fit approach seems the more pragmatic and feasible form of strategic human resource management, for the simple fact that it accounts for a company's individuality which may be presented in the form of assets in certain areas which allow it to excel beyond its competitors because of such strengths. The competitive strategies model appears to be particularly useful since it allows for an enterprise to develop an area of specialization which it can excel in and gain acclaim for. Furthermore, if each company within a certain industry was utilizing the identical principles of the best-practice theory, it would be exceedingly difficult for companies to gain a competitive edge over one another.
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