Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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In the differentiated business world today, it might therefore be assumed that this would be the best approach to take in terms of human resources management.

At the core of this argumentation is that businesses are as individual as human beings themselves. Not all businesses ascribe the same level of importance to each business strategy. Hence, to use a best practice model in a "one size fits all" approach is much less viable than choosing an approach that provides for greater flexibility.

Because the best-fit approach offers a variety of different ways in which to achieve a best fit between the company's goals and objectives and human resource management, one might therefore assume that, for today's business world, this is the best approach. A static approach is as unviable today as attempting to provide all human beings with one size or color in clothing or shoes and claiming that it's the "best practice." Regardless of how many opinions this satisfies, there will always be those who disagree, or those with whose lifestyle or body type the practice simply does not fit.

Hence, it is assumed that the best practice approach has far more disadvantages than the best-fit approach. The latter can be modified according to the needs and strategies of the company. Furthermore, should the company's goals and strategies themselves change, the best-fit approach will be able to accommodate this because of its flexible nature.

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In conclusion, it is therefore best to use a more flexible approach that will be able to accommodate any business situation and also any internal changes to the company.


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TOPIC: Essay on Strategic Human Resource Management in Assignment

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