Strategic Plan and Presentation Key Essay

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¶ … Strategic Plan and Presentation

Key elements of the implementation plan

Alpacas by the Sea is aware of the key components of implementing a business strategy, hence it will make sure employees carry out all activities required. Potential strategies tend to fail because their implementation neglects some vital components. Effective implementation of strategy implies the success of the strategy relies on its quality and not on how well it is implemented. The following are the key elements of the implementation plan (Blaesser, Cody & American Bar Association, 2008).


For Alpacas by the Sea to implement its strategy in a successful manner, the company will have to ensure that its strategy is consistent with the form of arrangement that the business uses. A strategy that demands quick action at the decision and working levels requires an organizational structure, which delegates authority. A strategy that depends on tight regulation of top executive levels will work best in a hierarchical structure with centralized power. Alpacas by the Sea must adjust its strategy to be consistent with the organizational structure of its business (Blaesser, Cody & American Bar Association, 2008).


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For Alpacas by the Sea to implement its strategy, the company requires a series of activities, which results in meeting business targets and attaining overall goals of the company. To simplify implementation and working with the strategy, Alpacas by the Sea must identify single tasks making up each activity, put them in the appropriate sequence and arrange them in a schedule. This plan will form the basis for the company's implementation and for future control and monitoring.


When Alpacas by the Sea has completed its implementation plan, the executives can begin assigning workers to the individual tasks. A number of tasks will require extra resources like promotional material, computer software, and money to cater for special expenses. The company must ensure that it has the required number of people on board to carry out all the tasks and sufficient resources for the complete implementation of strategy (Asian Development Bank, 2008).

Essay on Strategic Plan and Presentation Key Assignment


Once the implementation team is in place and the tasks have been designed, Alpacas by the Sea top executives must communicate the contents of the strategy and the implementation model. Written procedures, descriptions, drawings, and images will serve a ground for team meetings to review progress, answer questions, and find solutions to problems. Online cooperation tools like those found in productivity software will assist fosters a collaborative working relationship throughout the team members (Blaesser, Cody & American Bar Association, 2008).


While the team concentrates on the implementation strategy, Alpacas by the Sea shifts focus from initiating to monitoring. The company must ensure that work is on schedule and on track according to the planning documentation. When the company learns that assigned resources are insufficient or that tasks are late, Alpacas by the Sea can shift work around or release resources by modifying its plan (Blaesser, Cody & American Bar Association, 2008).

A project implementation timeline




Month of Action for Task Assigned





Finalize planning permission



Ultimate decision-maker

gives project guidance and oversight approve and review some project elements



Finalize suppliers



Commits department resources

Approves major resource allocation and funding strategies, makes significant changes to resource allocation and funding

Resolves issues and conflicts

Provides direction to the Project Manager

Review project deliverables



Manages project in accordance with the project plan work as liaison to the project team members

Supervises consultants

And vendor(s)

gives direction for the overall project leads and directs team members toward project goals

Handles issues and problem resolution

Manages the project budget



Subject Matter Experts. Lend guidance and expertise as needed



Supervise the project



Marketing materials created and distributed



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