Strategic Planning in Marketing Literature Review Chapter

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(Smith, Berry, and Pulford,1999, p. 11)

The work of Rossiter and Bellman (2005) presents a six-step model of marketing communications, which includes: (1) brand positioning; (2) campaign objectives; (3) creative strategy; (4) promotion strategy; (5) media strategy; and (6) campaign management. (p.77)

Kelly (1993) reported that the primary changes in the advertising environment are such that have been: (1) a decrease in the effect of advertising through the mass media due to more diversified and fragmented social change; (2) an increase in the number of advertising channels due to the introduction of digital communication and other diversified multimedia; (3) an increase in the number of advertising agencies due to the diversification and specialization of the entire area of marketing communication; and (4) an increased expectation by clients of their ability to better estimate the efficiency of their advertising budgets. (Kim, Han, and Schultz, 2004, p.2)

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The work of Conway, Ward, Lewis and Bernhardt (2007) entitled "Internet Crisis Potential: The Important of a Strategic Approach to Marketing Communications" reports "communications professionals should gain knowledge and expertise of using and understanding the Internet medium." (p.1) It is necessary that the importance of strategy in management of the ICP be communicated to all levels in the organization. (Conway, Ward, Lewis and Bernhardt, 2007, p.1)


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TOPIC: Literature Review Chapter on Strategic Planning in Marketing Assignment

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