Strategic Public Relations Research Proposal

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Strategic Public Relations

Discuss the reasons you wish to pursue a graduate strategic public relations degree and your career goals. In detail, describe what you believe are your strengths, weaknesses, and potential of the profession. Also, discuss an aspect or area of the field that is of particular interest to you. Finally, describe the type of organization in which you would like to work once you graduate from (name of institution) and the type of work you would like to do. This statement should be two to four pages long, typed and double spaced.

Throughout my professional and academic career, my strengths at enabling collaboration across culturally diverse teams, groups and organizations has led to goals being accomplished and made contributes to strategic plans being realized. My strengths of cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and the ability to manage projects to deadlines through coordination and project management are well-suited for a profession in strategic public relations. My weaknesses of being impatient at times for results, having a single-focused intensity to attain objectives, and interest in a wide variety of subjects that makes me continually seeking to learn more can be successfully capitalized on in the strategic public relations profession. I sincerely believe that to be excellent at what you choose as a profession you must be passionate about it. My passion for translating collaboration into trusted teams, and having trusted teams work together to accomplish challenging objectives is an expectation I have as a strategic public relations professional.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Strategic Public Relations Assignment

Within public relations the areas of managing global brands, public personas and the effective use of social networking and social media to creatively and with authenticity synchronize messaging across an organization has a great deal of interest to me. The potential that exists for creating exceptional levels of public relations performance for brands and public personas when highly collaborative teams across cultural boundaries work together towards a common strategic objective is fascinating. That type of strategic public relations challenge is one I would welcome the opportunity to be entirely and passionately committed to. For strategic public relations professionals to be effective, I also sincerely believe they must elevate all other senior management team members to a level of communications accuracy and performance as well. CEOs especially during these skeptical times need to resonate with authenticity, accuracy and transparency for any company or organization to rise above the norm and have its messaging and direction internalized by stakeholders. Over time I would set successively higher goals and objectives for the organization of which I became a part of so it messaging would resonate with these values of authenticity, accuracy and transparency because I think building trust is good business. it's all about becoming trusted to those you serve, and for the strategic public relations professional, there are multitudes of constituents that need to be served continually with information. From the external stakeholders and if working for a publically-held company, shareholders and the financial analysts on Wall Street and investment centers, to the regulatory agencies evaluating compliance, and most importantly to the customers and employees, the strategic public relations professional must be the catalyst of consistency and accuracy in all external and internal communications. It is a role of extreme service yet one of I am sure exceptional satisfaction when contributions made at a strategic level assist in navigating a company through the turbulent and highly uncertain times we are living in today. I welcome that challenge and can hardly wait to take it on. Making a difference at that level for those many stakeholders while creating highly collaborative working relationships that seek long-term value over short-term results are what I hope to also achieve.

The type of organization I'd like to work for after graduating is one that sees creativity, not just strategy execution, as critically important to defining their identity. Companies that seek to create and then continually add dimension to public personas would be fascinating to work for as well. Ketchum and Google are two firms I specifically am hoping to work for after graduation. At Ketchum I would seek out opportunities to contribute to projects concentrating on clients' brands that needed coordination and collaboration across cultures, yet staying consistent to a common messaging objective. The "Man Living in an IKEA" campaign and the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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