Strategic Quality and System Management Essay

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CVS Operations

CVS Pharmacy is aware of how important establishing strategic objectives can be to improving the level of quality to transform the culture of the organization. Instilling quality in the organization will generate a high level of performance and customer satisfaction. The operations management team at CVS realized that having a shared vision can improve performance and quality. The CVS vision is " work to improve the quality of human life" (CVScaremark, 2010). The objective of the operations team is to identify areas where issues remain unresolved even though there has been some changes made to recruiting or hiring and training processes. Another objective is to be a leader of the Pharmaceutical service industry by providing quality system processes that improve operations performance within the organization.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Strategic Quality and System Management Assignment

Specifically one role of the operations team is to develop operational activities such as recruiting, hiring, and training the CVS team. There are problems with complaints from customers of incorrect orders in the pharmacy department, long wait times, and slow response time when calling in orders. This affects the level of quality in delivering good quality service. There has also been a number of turnovers in the HR department resulting in a poor level of customer service. Another role of operations is to oversee problems with the technological systems used to enter orders and the telecommunications processes are not up-to-date causing delays in service. The operations manager is concerned with the lack of quality due and is looking into the situation. The operations management team has recognized that the HR department and IT technical department need to work together to solve these problems. Operations management has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) as a resource to bring improvement to quality throughout the CVS organization. It integrates different departments in the organization to maximize customer satisfaction by including feedback from the customer in the improvement process. In addition to HR reviewing its practices, the IT manager will take a look at the systems used and has evaluate the performance of transaction processing in relation to customer complaints. An TQM audit report completed on the systems in place at CVS help in identifying the problem areas and providing insight into how to make changes to the operational activities related to recruiting, hiring, training along with system processes.

Some of the issues in the TQM audit noted the Human Resource department that contributed to the problems with customer service. The ability to train and retain knowledgeable employees needs to be addressed. This quality analysis points out that high turnover results in a poorly equipped workforce that is unresponsive to meeting customer demands. The problem question is how to improve the level of customer service at CVS reducing complaints. The main goals of the leadership in the technology department were to retain the position of industry leader while continuing to improve operations with a higher standard or quality. This will mean addressing issues of slow response times and getting the HR and technical solutions that correct the problems with order processing.

The Processes, resources, and tools are needed to address the problem areas are TQM and SMART. Using specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART) process of identifying systems and processes that will improve customer service. The specific issues found during the quality audit were issues related to timeliness in responding to customer's ordering prescriptions online, by phone or onsite. There are also concerns that misinformation has resulted in customer dissatisfaction in getting updates as to the status of their orders. There are too many cases being reported where customers orders are deleted, missing, or left unfilled. The SMART measurement tool is found effective in evaluating the success of system processes (Hatch 2008). The system processing concerns that were uncovered in the quality audit centered around better technology processes to improve the level of efficient and responsiveness to customers.

Measurable improvement is also needed in these areas according to the quality audit.

First, problems in the HR department relating to hiring and retaining employees.

Second, the slow response times due to outdated telecommunications and technological processes.

The HR team must produce measurable, achievable, relevant and timely solutions in order to remain in compliance to SMART resource requirements. The hope is to create… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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