Strategic Staffing Handbook Company Manual

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Strategic Staffing Handbook

The purpose of the staffing handbook is to provide a manual of procedures and tools for properly selecting and hiring the right people at Pontius Media Consortium, the right way. These guidelines will facilitate the company's primary goal of acquiring, maintaining and retaining a diverse workforce as well as utilize their skills, knowledge and talents in order maximize their potential.

According to Bechet (2005) "Strategic staffing is the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of business strategies plans. Better still, strategic staffing can be defined as the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of change." The process is necessary for organization in order for them to aid them in the identification and addressing of the various staffing implications of strategies and business plans. Through the implementation of the process, various organizations can ensure that they possess the right number of staff, with the necessary capabilities at the appropriate time. The effective implementation of the process gives rise to two main outputs or rather deliverables. These are:

Staffing strategies-This describes what will happen to the organization in the long-term. This is done across an extensive planning period so as to address the critical issues of staffing.

Staff plans-These are put in place in order to describe the specific and short-term tactical plans, the staff actions to be implemented in the foreseeable future. This is within a given period of planning.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Company Manual on Strategic Staffing Handbook Assignment

Bechet (2005)explained that some organizations do carry out a routine development of their workforce statistics. This entails measures such as the average service and average age. Such moves have been documented to translate to data that can be described to as actionable. More sophisticated firms may combine these data with an intention of developing a forecast of the requirements of their future workforce. These companies do add forecasts in their staffing movement. These include elements such as attrition, transfers as well as transfers. The projection attained provides a comprehensive approach that can be used in order to identify the full range of actions that are required to run the organization.

Benefits of staffing handbook

Helps in the development of clear and well defined standards that aid in th reduction of employee disputes

Helps in the demonstration of a commitment to the organization's commitment to the treatment of personnel.

Helps in the reduction of chances of various unintentional illegal behavior

Inform the new as well as the old employees of the policies of the company

Helps in the promotion of a consistent management

What to keep in mind when coming up with a strategic staffing process

The following procedures were followed when designing the strategic staffing handbook (Bridge Connections, 2010).

Definition of the critical staffing issues as well as identification of specific areas of focus. This is because the strategic staffing process would only be successful if focus is placed upon a relatively smaller number of critical staffing matters. The focus was therefore not to be focused on the entire organization. The most critical issues were therefore the ones that were prioritized when developing this handbook.

A definition of all the staffing gaps as well as surpluses is necessary in order for the handbook to be meaningful.

A development of staffing strategies is necessary in order to ensure that the staffing gaps and surpluses are reviewed thoroughly. This is based on the calculation of the staffing model that is preferred.

A definition of the staffing plans is appropriate so as to enable the examination of the various staffing strategies .This definition is necessary in order to bring our specific staffing actions that would allow for the organization to meet all its staffing needs and to effectively and efficiently run in the given planning periods.

Thesis statement

The purpose of the staffing handbook is to provide a manual of procedures and tools for properly selecting and hiring the right people, the right way. These guidelines will facilitate the company's primary goal of acquiring, maintaining and retaining a diverse workforce as well as utilize their skills, knowledge and talents to maximize their potential.

The recruitment process

Recruitment is the "the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short- and long-term interests" (Schuler,1987).Pontius Media Consortium is committed to a transparent recruitment process. This is the reasons as to why we have created one of the best strategies of recruitment so as to absorb and also retain the best team amongst us since our strength lies on the performance of our teams.

Role of HR personnel

The roles of the Human Resource personnel are as follows.

1. Maintenance and development of HR policies and ensuring that there is compliance with the policies. They also contribute to the development of the HR policies.

2. The development of the HR team so as to ensure that there is provision of professional HR services to the firm. They are mandated with the management of a team of staff.They are also responsible for the monitoring, development and guiding of the HR services

3. Ensuring that there is a timely recruitment of staff who have the required level of management quality. This is with a focus of meeting the various business needs with a sharp focus on the retention of employees and various key personnel.

4. Provision of active support in the process of selecting various recruitment agencies and also the provision of external consultants in order to ensure that the right persons who have the desired level of competence are absorbed.

5. The development, refining and fine-tuning of the various methods used in the selection process

6. The preparation of information and inputting of the appropriate salary budgets. The must do this in order to comply with the approved salary budget.

7. The development of the HR business plan

8. Ensuring that appropriate communication goes on at all the staff levels

9. The maintenance and development of leading edge Human Resource systems as well as processes that are aimed at addressing the effective management of the employees.

Recruiting Strategy

Pontius Media Consortium employs an effective recruitment strategy in order to realize maximum productivity from our staff while ensuring that there is harmony between staff and management.

The strategy employed at PMC is the 'we find you' strategy. This is an approach that uses a systematic approach in order to identify the appropriate candidate who possesses the required qualities. This is because PMC is very clear with its requirements which are necessary in enabling it to find the individuals who fit our requirements. The company provides certain proactive scholarships as well as mentorships so as to mold the various candidates in accordance to our strict requirements.

Managing of Recruitment

The recruitment of PMC is managed by our in-house Human Resources personnel as well as select external consultants. The external consultants are engaged under special circumstances.

Description of Job Analysis process and its principal role

Job analysis is used in the detailed identification and determination of job duties as well as requirements. It also brings out the relative importance of the duties given for the job in question. It involves the making of judgments regarding a certain job on the basis of the data that is collected.

Purposes of Job analysis

Job analysis is used in the establishment and documentation of the level of 'job relatedness' of certain employment procedures such as:




Performance appraisal

Step 1: Involves the definition of the aims of making use of analysis information regarding each and every job. This is then followed by a determination of the most appropriate and suitable types information gathering techniques.

Step 2: Involves the gathering of information on the basis of the structure diagram of the organization, requisite documents, authority of the company, worshops, departments, job description and the technology process diagram

Step 3: Involves the selection of the most specific positions and the identification of the key points to be used in the job analysis so as to save time and money. This is particularly relevant when analyzing similar jobs.

Step 4: Involves the application of different methods in the gathering of information to be used in the job analysis process. This is dependent on the requirements of the accuracy of the information. This also relies on the financial capacity as well as the types of operations within the company departments. One or a combination of these approaches/methods is applied in order to gather the information: timing, interview, observation or questionnaire.

Step 5: Involves the checking and the verification of the information that is gathered. The accuracy of the information that is gathered in step 4 is verified by the HR staff.

Look at the appendix for a sample job analysis form

Importance of posting a position

Job posting which is an integral recruitment process has several importances:

It allows for the contacting of a wide base of applicants who are from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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