Strategic and Tactical Business Plan ABC Consulting Term Paper

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Strategic & Tactical Business Plan

ABC Consulting

"Providing a Wide Range of Cost Effective Solutions Designed to Address Clients' Business Objectives within Their Budget, Timeframe and Quality Parameters"

Master Outline

Confidentiality Agreement

Keys to Success

Company Summary

Company Ownership

Start-up Summary

Company Locations and Premises

Products and/or Services

Competitive Comparison

Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation

Target Market and Segment Strategy

Market Needs

Market Trends

Market Growth

Industry Analysis or Service Business Analysis

Business Participants or Industry Participants

Distributing Products or Distributing Services

Competition and Buying Patterns

Main Competitors

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Marketing Strategy

Positioning Statement

Pricing Strategy

Promotion Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Marketing Programs

Sales Strategy

Explain Sales Forecast

7.2.2 Sales Programs

7.3 Strategic Alliances

7.4 Explained Milestones

8.0 Management Summary

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8.1 Organizational Structure

8.2 Management Team

8.3 Management Team Gaps

8.4 Personnel Plan

9.0 Financial Plan

9.1 Important Assumptions

9.2 Key Financial Indicators

9.3 Explanation of Break-even Analysis

9.4 Explanation of Projected Profit and Loss

9.5 Explanation of Projected Cash Flow

Term Paper on Strategic & Tactical Business Plan ABC Consulting Assignment

9.6 Explanation of Projected Balance Sheet

9.7 Explanation of Business Ratios

9.8 Explanation of Long-term Plan

10.0 Web Plan Summary

10.1 Web Marketing Strategy

10.2Development Requirements


ABC Consulting Services is a start-up consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. The business owners will be offered services that include healthcare strategies consulting among others. The company will be the sole proprietorship of Mr. Eduardo Galan.

We aim to make our mark by being an attractive solution provider to both running as well as start-ups, micro, small and medium scale enterprises.

ABC-CS aims to implement a focused marketing plan that will customize the available service options to suit the requirements of the users.


1. Penetrate the market in the business of operating a consulting company that provides superior quality administrative services designed to accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele.

2. Dedicate our full attention in the people in our clients' firm and afford solutions.

3. Increase sales and revenue each year.


We want to help those that put faith in their passions and follow their heart and would provide due assistance to overcome obstacles in the legal and financial and commercialization aspect of turning a dream into a commercial enterprise.

We want to lend a shoulder to those who are anxious and apprehensive of the practical implementation of the project they want to bring to realization.

In the same breath, we would reach out to those whose dream project may have crash-landed and are consequently having a real bad time and paying off the liabilities. We would seek to provide encouragement to the brave-hearts by providing proper solutions to all those in need.


ABC Consulting is confident of the following attributes that it demonstrates as keys to its success:

1. Ability to recognize and define the best course of action

2. The consistent raising of productivity

3. Diligent effort to regularly lower overall cost

4. Ability to effectively market ABC Consulting

5. We will strive to be accessible and within reach of those that most need us


ABC Consulting will begin its operation in 2015. The inspiration for the company was the realization that there is a need for a company that can provide solutions designed to alleviate the problems faced by the new business owners when trying to establish their new ventures


ABC Consulting is set up as Sole Proprietorship. The ownership is held by Eduardo Galan, who holds 100%. Any and all questions relative to ownership should be directed to ABC Consulting.


We understand the weakness that a start-up faces in the initial year of its operations. Most attention will be accorded to the same by way of pooling in own resources and SBA-Small Business Administration loans that can be availed for a ten-year term.


ABC Consulting centers its strategy on the premise that the company resonates with the consumer because it offers superior quality administrative services designed to accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele. Always keeping that in mind, it has its management constantly focus on productivity being high and of course expenses… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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