Creating Online Nursing Courses Essay

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There are few active learning opportunities being offered to the students. This means that they spend most of their time studying on their own. There should be more interaction between the students and faculty, which will ensure that students can interact and ask questions as teaching is in progress.

What module elements are missing or redundant?

The following modules are redundant namely online induction, pre-induction, and researching content. Online induction is redundant because it seems to be a repetition of what can be covered on the face-to-face induction. During the face-to-face induction, online induction can also be included to ensure that there is no repetition and waste of hours. Pre-induction takes up lots of hours and this feel like it can be covered as part of face-to-face induction too. This way, students have more time to interact with the faculty and they can familiarize with each other. Researching content could be similar to guided reading in that the same materials would be uncovered as the students have their classes. Therefore, there is no need for the students to research for their class content. Students should be given more time to focus on what they are being taught and they can spend more time using group discussions instead of an individual. Nursing should be participatory and with less time being given to discussion and group work, there can be a disconnect between nursing practice.

Should more attention be focused on any particular element?

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More attention should be focused on weekly online dialogue. This interaction is beneficial to students allowing them to seek clarification for something they did not understand as they were going through the content (Iwasiw et al., 2009). Receiving answers directly also offers students an opportunity to seek clarification from the faculty. It is difficult for students to express themselves in writing and it is good if they can be given more time to speak and ask verbal questions.

To what extent do the elements prepare learners to achieve course competencies?

Essay on Creating Online Nursing Courses Assignment

These elements will prepare the students to receive course competencies especially considering that the students are already RNs. However, there is a 20 percent that is missing in terms of student preparation. With minimal interaction between faculty and students, it is possible that the students will be disconnected and they might not be able to express themselves as would have been expected of them from the course.

Might students perceive learning activities as authentic?

Yes. The activities being offered are authentic for an online course. However, the content is what might be the problem. Provided there is appropriate content being delivered, then there is no need for the students to feel like their learning activities are not authentic.

What expertise will faculty require to develop and implement this course?

Faculty will need to develop online interaction skills. This is because they are going to be dealing with online interaction tools like blackboards, online chats, and email to communicate with the students. Content will be presented on online platforms and there will be a minimal physical or face-to-face content presentation. Therefore, faculty should develop and horn their presentation skills to ensure that they deliver content that can be understood by numerous students without the intervention of faculty.

What might be the demands on faculty if there are 20-25 students in this course at any one time?

Considering that the course was meant for 30 students annually, with 20-25 students being online then faculty would find it hard to interact with all the students especially given the limited time that faculty has for face-to-face interaction. A strain on resources could result in a breakdown of delivery in the content.

  1. Iwasiw, C., Andrusyszyn, M. A., & Goldenberg, D. (2009). Curriculum Development in Nursing Education. Boston, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

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