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Strategy Evaluation encourages an organization to take a proactive stance towards shaping its own future because the evaluation process represents a continual analysis of the organization's goals, objectives and policies.

The evaluation process helps to identify potential problems before they manifest, allowing the organization to eliminate them. Several of the key steps in strategy evaluation take a proactive approach. For example, evaluation typically begins with an analysis of the factors that originally went into the decision. It is determined if those factors remain, and if they have changed in what way does this affect the strategy. Identifying these changes allows an organization to alter strategy mid-stream, rather than waiting for it to run its course and fail.

In this way, the comment is valid. Strategy evaluation takes into account both the internal and external factors prior to strategy formulation. Strategy is formulated, which is the organization choosing its own course in the marketplace. Proper strategy evaluation requires in-depth knowledge of the firm's operating environment. Without strategy evaluation, the decisions the organization makes may not be based on this knowledge, but rather on reactions to external events.

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The analysis aspect of strategy evaluation gives the firm the ability to anticipate future events, evaluate the likelihood of their occurrence, and form contingency plans. This approach is proactive, because should the event occur, the organization has already formulated a response based on in-depth knowledge. Without the strategy evaluation, the response would be reactive rather than proactive, and may not address the issue as effectively.

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