Strategy From Viewpoint of Management Scholars Chapter

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Strategy From the Viewpoint of Management Scholars

In this paper, we are focusing on how managers can be able to improve issues that will have an impact on the success of their business. This is accomplished through studying the most effective management techniques in various scholarly journals. Once this occurs, is when everyone will be able to see how these ideas can be used to improve the competitive position of firms.

Over the last several decades, there has been a focus on various management techniques that are used in effectively reaching out to staff and improving productivity. To discuss these different ideas on this subject, scholars will often report their findings in various journals. To fully understand what is happening, requires carefully examining the different tactics that are talked about inside five pieces of literature on the subject. Once this occurs, is when they can offer the greatest insights as to what kind of strategies are being utilized by executives to deal with a host of challenges.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Chapter on Strategy From Viewpoint of Management Scholars Assignment

In the article that was written by Easty, (2004), he is discussing how a new competitor can enter a market that is dominated by one single firm. This is accomplished by examining how Airbus was able to introduce the A380, to take the lead as the world's largest aircraft manufacturer from Boeing. This was a title that Boeing had held for many years, thanks in part to series of mergers and acquisitions inside the sector. What they determined is that there were several key ideas that gave Airbus an advantage over Boeing to include: the government can effectively to work in conjunction with businesses to create viable alternatives, the total amounts of capital expenditures can be divided, how to effectively evaluate potential demand inside the sector and financing the project itself. These different elements are important, because they are providing us with a basic foundation that can be used in the future. As, those industries that are dominated by one single firm will require have an approach that will give them the time to conduct the necessary research and development on the project. This is when the approach can be used to give a firm the ability to build its brand name and market share. (Easty, 2004)

In the article that was written by Kiron (2011), he is discussing how there are new techniques that are being used by businesses to give them a more effective marketing position. This is achieved through carefully studying IBM and their value strategy. After interviewing over 4,500 managers at the company and in other firms, the author found that there were a number of key ideas that were being examined to include: the gap between competitive firms is widening and transformed organizations are more effective in addressing the needs of customers. (Kiron, 2011)

It is at this point, Kiron begins talking about how there are several different strategies that can be used to improve the competitive position of the firm to include: there must be effective information management, analytical skills / tools, a date orientated culture must be established and executives need to account for risks. These different elements are important, because they are showing how a company must follow certain procedures that will help to improve the competitive position of the firm. Once this occurs, is when the company will be able to adapt to a host of different challenges that they are facing. This is the point that they will be able to more effectively compete in the markets. (Kiron, 2011)

In the article that was written by Demichellis (2008), he is talking about what specific management techniques that can be used. This is accomplished by carefully examining verbal and nonverbal tactics. What he determined is that in any kind of working environment, this will have an impact on the ability of managers to communicate with staff members. The reason why, is because this helps everyone to see the true intentions of executives. Where, consistency in both areas will help to instill a sense of purpose in workers, which will change the operating environment of the firm. This is the point that any kind of management strategy will have an impact on how effectively an organization is able to achieve its objectives. (Demichellis, 2008, pp. 1292 -- 1311)

As a result, there are several different techniques that are used in conjunction with each other to create an effective strategy for dealing with these challenges. The most notable include: there must be two way communication between managers / employees, everyone needs to consistently work on improving these areas, executives have to be willing to engage in the same kind of actions they are asking their managers to do and there should be effective follow up. If this kind of approach can be utilized, it will ensure that a firm is able to effectively respond to changes in the marketplace. The reason why, is because those organizations that have the best communication skills will be able to effectively reach out to the various staff members. This is when they can be able to understand what is on the minds of employees and customers. Once this occurs, is when a corporation can offer superior products and services that will address this demand. (Demichellis, 2008, pp. 1292 -- 1311)

In the article that is titled Engaging Stakeholders (2011), it is discussing how there is often conflict between executives and external stakeholders. The reason why, is because there are competing objectives that are based upon the ability of the firm to deal with a host of challenges. During the process, this means that there will be times that conflicts increase between both groups. This is because managers are focused on meeting the internal goals of the firm. While outside stakeholders, want to see a specific aspect of the business meeting the objectives they have established (i.e. shareholders who want to see an increase in profits). Evidence of this can be seen with author saying, "Ironically, the very companies that were once pilloried for their lack of concern for anything but the short-term financial bottom line are now global leaders in the implementation of stakeholder engagement." This is troubling, because these kinds of conflict can often lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Once this occurs, is when the odds increase that there will be a host of issues between these groups. ("Engaging Stakeholders," 2011)

To prevent this from happening, managers must focus on improving communication through utilizing a number of different tools to include: email, conference calls, newsletters and quarterly reports to communicate what is happening with an organization. Once this occurs, is when there can be a change in this relationship. The reason why, is because you are addressing how achieving short-term objectives could lead to conflict between the different groups. As, one side will see these actions in a negative light (based on the fact that managers are concentrating on short-term goals). While in reality, achieving them will help all of the different groups in reaching the longer term objectives. This is significant, because it is showing how this kind of focus can often lead to a change in the operating environment of an organization by effectively integrating these objectives together through effective communication. This is a key factor for a firm to be able to effectively deal with a host of challenges that they are facing. ("Engaging Stakeholders," 2011)

Moreover, the article that was written by Voyer (2011), is talking about how all good managers must have excellent leadership skills. The way that this is accomplished is through looking at experiences that were used by the military in Afghanistan. What the author determined is that there are several different attributes that will have an impact on the ability of leaders to include:

They must be in front of subordinates.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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