Strengthening Social and Emotional Competence in Young Children Term Paper

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Children's ability to control their emotions depends on their upbringing and training. Emotional and behavior management is a step towards good social skills and the academic performance. This article describes problem-solving skills that focus on skills like emotional literacy, communication skills, and anger management. Training children on the basic social skills are important for behavioral adjustments and academic success because good behavior facilitates cognitive development. The authors of this article suggest cognitive-behavioral therapy that would help children overcome their negative thoughts (Webster-Stratton, 2004).

Positive parenting is important in helping children develop social behaviors. Parents need to know the range of their children's emotional stands. In order to understand this, the parents need to work with their children and provide them with preschool social competencies. Study shows that children with low social skills come from families that experience excess hostile parenting, conflicts, and lack of attention. Children from stable families cope with situations easily and do not suffer from social behavior. Alternative parental strategies help solve two-thirds of the children's behavior problems (Webster-Stratton, 2004). Good home environment that involves good discipline, competence and good problem-solving skills help in moderating children thought and behavior system.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Strengthening Social and Emotional Competence in Young Children Assignment

The second approach to child behavior involves teacher training. Teachers must recognize their students' emotional problems: they can be trained so that they can have problem-solving skills. Study indicates that the teacher' interaction with the students affects the students' socially and emotionally. Teachers must be positive in their teaching strategies by adopting the less aggressive techniques to control the students. Teacher training involves the use of workshops and training workshops that would help teachers acquire effective ways of fostering emotional development among their students. Other approaches to strengthening children's emotional competence are direct involvement of children in trainings on social, cognitive, and emotional management. Dinosaur program justifies parental guidance and teacher training as the effective ways of promoting cognitive behavior therapy.

The second article focuses on the responsibility of the schools towards the children's academic, moral, and social development. Teachers must always react positively… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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