Stress Cortisol Secretion Article Critique

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Stress, Cortisol Secretion

In any workplace, one of the most important factors seems to be on-the-job training. This means that new employees become aware of the practical requirements and challenges of the specific work he or she is to do. The most important component of this is that practical training tends to reduce employee stress and cultivates work experience and subsequent excellence. When I read the article, one of the most striking things to me was therefore that there seems to be a distinctive lack of practical training that approaches the situations that employees in police and military companies might encounter during their work. Concomitantly, it was also interesting to find that, even now, in the age where stress is recognized as a primary factor affecting work performance and general well-being. This is why research like that offered in the article is so vital in terms of potentially high-stress work where the effectiveness of performance means not only the well-being and longevity of employees themselves, but also indirectly that of the citizens being served by these professions.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Critique on Stress Cortisol Secretion Assignment

The article begins with a good exposition of the current situation with regard to stress analyses within high-stress police and military work environments. In addition to limited research on this component, there is also not much on the effects of the stress factors, such as information processing, working memory, skill acquisition, and learning in operational settings. In the same section, the article also addresses the practical dangers that might relate to the anxiety and stress suffered by police and military personnel. One important hypothesized component is that these officers may underperform under stress, which in turns provides insight into the training process itself. According to these findings, it appears that underperformance is not clearly scrutinized for its core causes, nor is the training process being evaluated for its effectiveness in field situations. If police and military work is to be improved, these are vital areas of further attention, especially when it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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